Monday Morning Links Serving: The March 12th Edition

10 Fun Facts About Storage
Just make it bigger, faster, cheaper

Building a Wireless Network for Dummies
I have recently been asked to setup a wireless network in home of one of my close friends. It was then when I first realised how litte people know about wireless technology and implementation.

Reading your Hotmail email directly from Gmail
This is a simple hack that will allow you to read your free Hotmail (No POP3 enabled) emails directly from GMail.

Sound intelligent, powerful, polished, articulate, and confident
Do you want to sound intelligent, powerful, polished, articulate and confident? Of course you do! Here’s quick article providing a few tips on how to make a good impression at that next important meeting.

How to Get People to Like You
Here are 9 simple tips that should help you get liked by *almost* anybody.