Apple to Release Flash-Based Notebook?

Apple LogoThere’s a rumor floating around the web today that Apple would soon be releasing one of the first flash-based ultra-portable notebooks. Shaw Wu, an American tech analyst that is rarely wrong when it comes to such rumors, declared that the new mobile device would likely be released in the second half of 2007. According to Mr. Wu, Apple’s new laptop will be powered by a stripped-down version of OS X and will store its data on a flash based hard drive, similar to the one that Sandisk released back in January.

Wu didn’t say how much Apple’s mininotebook would cost, but expect a hefty price tag. SanDisk earlier this year announced a 32GB flash-based notebook drive. It costs $600 more than a conventional notebook drive. 32GB of flash costs about $160, or nearly eight times as much as a 32GB notebook drive ($22). And although flash prices are dropping, so are hard-drive prices.

Flash memory for Apple notebooks? (The Age)