Switching your Linux Box to the new DST

Linux DSTA few weeks ago, we wrote a quick post on [GAS] 1.0 on how to prepare your Windows environment for the new DST, but shame on us, we forgot to mention anything about what was needed to be done on Linux systems in the process. Fortunately, Linux-Watch thought about all you Linux lovers out there and published a simple how-to article that gives simple instructions on what to do to patch your Linux boxes for the incoming DST change.

If you’ve been keeping your system updated, most modern Linuxes will have automatically updated your computer with the correct DST information. If you haven’t updated your computer for a while with the latest patches, do it now.

Some (but not all) Linux and Unix distributions give instructions on how to use their update tools to set your system up with the new DST. The ones we’re aware of at this time are AIX, Debian Testing, Debian Unstable, FreeBSD, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise, Red Hat Linux, and Solaris.

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  1. You can also set up NTP so that every time you connect to the internet it syncs to time servers. You can set it to sync to the government. Then you'll never be off.

  2. In Ubuntu 7.04 alpha, the tzdata version is 2007b for the new time zone rules. It is in the "proposed" updates for 6.10 and 6.06, but if you don't have your computer set to download the proposed updates you won't have it yet. Either set it to get proposed updates or go to http://packages.ubuntu.com and find it for whichever you are using. It should be being forced through the updates soon I would think.

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