L33t Haxxors – Episode #2 (Video)

Well, you wanted it and here it is! Razorwire and Overlord are two of the best hackers in the world. They can hack almost anything: computers, microwaves, jars of peanut butter…if you can name it they can hack it. In this second episode, Razorwire gets a virus and it’s up to Overlord and his intern […]


Philosophical Friday: What We Still Don’t Know (Documentary)

Are we real? Is our existence the result of an accident, or was it planned by a higher conscience? Here’s a very interesting documentary taking a look at many questions human beings have asked themselves since time immemorial. Enjoy the show.

Google Goes Solar

Google has always been known to do things differently than most corporations. Apart from giving incredible perks to their employees, they also offer free broadband access to residents of their home town, and now, they power a third of their complex via solar power. ArsTechnica has a great piece today giving all the details on […]

What to Do When Your Security is Breached

Tim Wilson, Site Editor for DarkReading.com, has just posted a simple, no-nonsense article explaining how to develop an effective computer security intrusion response policy. A must read for all of you who are managing a network with no security policies in place. Well, it’s finally happened. Despite all your efforts to stop both internal and external […]

April Fool’s Day Pranks For Geeks

This shouldn’t surprise any of you: Geeks love April fool’s day. Admit it; at one point or another, most of you have tried to prank your friends, family or colleagues by partially unplugging their keyboard, mouse or monitor. In honor of this year’s April fool’s day, the folks over at Wired have pubbed an excellent […]

Xbox 360 Elite (Video)

It is now official: Microsoft will be releasing a new version of their popular gaming console, the Xbox 360 Elite, in late April 2007.  Priced at $479.99, this new Xbox will feature a 120Gb hard drive, a nice black finish and an HDMI port.

PayPerPost Controversy Renewed

By Al Rozon Contributing Writer, [GAS] PayPerPost has been the center of controversy ever since its inception. The controversy here is this: Is it ethical for PayPerPost to pay bloggers for posting reviews on products, movies or anything else that “advertisers” want them to post about, without having to adhere to rules of disclosure? The […]

Run Linux on HP Computers, Lose Warranty

Apparently, installing any distro of Linux on a new HP system could actually void your warranty. That’s exactly what happened to a lady named Laura Breeden when she called HP about an hardware issue on her new Compaq Presario laptop and mentioned that she was running Ubuntu to the support agent. When she called Compaq […]