10 Movie Theories That Completely Change Star Wars Films


The best part of Star Wars is not so much the Star Wars universe as it is the speculation among fans where that universe is going next. So many fans have so many different theories, so which ones do you believe? Well, that is completely up to you, but here are ten more theories that […]

These Things Scare Me: ‘Trolls” Teaser Trailer


These trolls used to terrify me as a kid. They were a little collectible toy line, but their dead, shiny eyes and hay like hair always filled my nightmares. So, to me, this will be the scariest movie of 2016. Here is the teaser for new Dreamworks movie, Trolls. [MovieClipsTrailers]

10 Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ Scenes You’ve Never Seen


The actual name of the list may be a bit misleading, but these are still some very cool Force Awakens “scenes,” trailer scenes, and teaser photos that didn’t quite make it to the final product. Makes me wonder if any of this will show up in the many sequels we have coming in the years […]

Star Wars: The Top 20 Coolest Spaceships

dapta kokko

The “what is the best ship is the Star Wars universe?” debate will most likely rage forever, because there are so many different answers. Some love the (obvious choice) Millennium Falcon, while others (myself included) think the TIE Fighters are the coolest ship (design) beaming around the galaxy. Den of Geek have thrown together a […]

Deadpool’s Best Billboard Yet [Pic]


It may take you a minute to figure out this one, but Deadpool’s billboard game is strong as hell. This is his best yet! [Imgur]

How ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Took Everything We Loved From The Movies And Made It Better


The Ash VS. Evil Dead show has been an absolute surprise hit among geeks. Who would have thought that Starz would of gotten the tone of the movie so perfectly? i09 was a cool little piece right now about how the show pretty much nails everything about the movie: The beauty of Ash vs Evil […]

The Force Awakens Themed Nintendo 64 [Pics + Video]


Every geek who saw The Force Awakens is geeking out hard right now and for good reason. Someone made an awesome Star Wars movie again, finally. One place you can expect to see that Force Awakens love reflected is in mods of consoles, such as this Nintendo 64 modded to look like it was found […]

‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ Official Teaser Trailer


Haven’t even heard a thing about this movie, but found this trailer today for Kubo and the Two Strings and thought wow, this looks pretty cool. So here you go. Looks like there will be beasts and ninja and a girl who can split the ocean with the power of music. In other words, it […]

The Princess Bride – What’s The Difference: Film vs. Book


Many people hold the film The Princess Bride in highest regard, and they should. It is a damn-near perfect fantasy filled to the brim with unforgettable characters, amazing dialogue, and whimsical moments. And you knew from the beginning it was based on a book (after all, the young boy is having actual book read to […]

Size Matters: Some Scale for Sci Fi Fans Out There


Some awesome Imgur user put this together to show us sci fi geeks the differences in scale of some of the biggest “things” we have faced in science fiction, games and otherwise. Just kinda makes you say wow…. So THAT’S how it is, Mass Effect? Ah, there’s the Death Star. Was waiting for that! How […]

Friday the 13th: The Game – Official Announcement Trailer


We may get nothing about gameplay from this trailer, but just the fact that we are getting a Friday the 13th game is pretty awesome. Let’s just hope it is more like Until Dawn and less like the Friday the 13th game that was on the N.E.S. I shudder just to think about that abomination. […]

Top 10 Dream Castings For Video Game Characters


Games may not always be made into the best movies, but that wont stop us gamers from fantasizing about dream castings for perfect video game movies. WatchMojo came up with a list of ten celebs they think would be perfect for certain gamer characters. Agree or disagree? Did they miss one you wish existed? Take to […]