Dragon*Con 2012 Cosplay Pictures: Day 4 [Gallery]

Today, we got some new pics from our photographer Bill Watters, and we filled in with a few other creative commons-licensed picture from flickr users Leepus and DeadSetDork. Thanks for the pics guys! We should get some other pictures in the coming week as well, so expect one last gallery in the next few days.

Please note that you can find our pictures from Day 1 right here, Day 2 here, and day 3 here.

Walk Like a Zombie In These Rotten Sandals [Costume]

Now you can finally know what it’s like to “walk in the footsteps” of a zombie, with these zombie feet sandals!

Available for under $15 on Amazon!

[Via Zombies]


Daniel Wurtzel’s Amazing Magic Carpet [Video]

Artist Daniel Wurtzel used a series of fans to generate an air vortex in the center of a room and then threw a sheet of red fabric inside to create what can only be described as one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing dance we’ve been given to see.

[Via Neatorama]

Dog Attacks (Plays With) Darth Vader [Video]

The fur is strong with this one!


The BIOSHOCK Song [Music Video]

Forget Atlantis, Rapture the best little town at the bottom of the deep blue sea!


Amazing Time-Lapse of Rio De Janeiro [Video]

As usual, full screen, lights off, sound up!

In my down time on work trips I like to film time lapses. For me it’s a relaxing thing and it allows me to enjoy my environment since I have to sit there while the camera works for 15min – 5 hours. So recently in Rio De Janeiro I set out to film at some of the popular locations with amazing views.

[Joe Simon Films]

Stanley Kubrick is a Fan of One-Point Perspectives [Video]

It seems that Mr. Kubrick is a big fan of one-point perspectives. It took this video for me to realize how often the man was using the technique in his movies.

[kogonada | Via Geekosystem]

Super Ruffled Superman Push-Up Set [Pic]

Oh my…

This red-ruffled Superman-inspired push-up bra and matching panties are sure to make you wish some people had x-ray vision so they could see how adorable you look under your clothes. They feature with some ACTION-PACKED Superman fabric with colors that POW. Whether you’re the comic lover or your guy is, you’ll look like a HEARTTHROB <3.

[Meganelizabeth31 @ Etsy.com]

Technological Superiority: Star Wars vs. Star Trek [Infographic]

At first look, this infographic paints a pretty bleak picture of the Star Trek universe. Do you agree with the data that’s in there? Are you more of a Star Trek or Star Wars fanboy/girl? Let us know in the comments section below!

Star Wars vs. Star Trek
Source: Best Online Engineering Degree

Dragon*Con 2012 Cosplay Pictures: Day 3 [Gallery]

Edit: Hey people from the Philip DeFranco Show! Welcome! To keep up with us, be sure to LIKE us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and Subscribe to our RSS feed! Enjoy the galleries!

Yesterday was day 3 at Dragon Con 2012, but unfortunately, we haven’t received any pictures from our photographer for that day. We’ve already posted galleries for the two first day (Day 1 | Day 2), so today, we scoured flickr for some CC-Friendly photography of the event. Please note that the pictures may not all be from day 3, but they’ve been uploaded to flickr on that day. Many thanks to Mhaithaca, Leepus, carcaptures, and Madmarv00 for the pics!

Edit: Please note that you can find our pictures from Day 1 right here, Day 2 here, and Day 4 here.

[Leepus | Carcaptures | Mhaithaca | Madmarv00]