Darth Vader Before Star Wars [Picture]

A short newspaper clip published in 1977, right before the official release of Star Wars, describing Darth Vader as a “Star Creature.” A Star creature? Really? Oh Internet, it’s funny how you have ruined changed our perception of things now that everyone is using you.


Borderlands Psycho Cake [Pic]

[GAS] reader Mia from the Bridgetown Cakes bakery just sent me a picture of a Borderlands Psycho cake she recently made, and have I to say all that’s missing from there is a little psycho figurine sitting on top of the cake to make it look absolutely perfect. Great work Mia!

[Bridgetown Cakes]

IT Pros + Zombie Apocalypse + SpiceWorks = WIN! [Video]

Another year, another Zombie-themed short film by the people @ Spiceworks. (You can check out last year’s video right here!)

Deader. Creepier. And even more brain-hungry. It’s Zombies II! Rejoin your favorite IT heroes, Kris and Knox, in the ultimate zombie battle. Is the Spiceworks core the secret key to complete zombie annihilation? And will they ever find the central data center? And what’s with Knox’s eye? Tune in to find out!

If you’re an IT pro and are really into system management, be sure to check out Spiceworks. Before I started blogging full time, I worked as a Sysadmin for 15 years and Spiceworks was pretty much my favorite free system management tool. And no, this is not an ad, just a personal endorsement of an awesome product.


Mercury: The Party Animal of the Solar System

The image doesn’t quite properly explain that the orbits are actually those of MESSENGER, the NASA spacecraft that was trying to orbit Mercury (not the orbit of Mercury itself). Don’t blame the spacecraft though – it’s Mercury’s lopsided mass and thus its unstable gravity field that has it in a wibbly wobbly orbit (probably caused by an asteroid collision). He seriously does need to take a cab…

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QUESTION: What would you like to do if money were no object? [Video]

So dear readers, what would YOU like to do if money were no object? Let us know in the comments section below!

Thanks Peter!

Patent summit participants at the edge of reason

Regulators and technology companies have held an international summit to explore problems with patent laws. Though the meeting was held behind closed doors, it doesn’t appear they agreed on much other than that something must be done.

The International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations agency, held the roundtable discussion in Geneva with more than 140 participants. These included regulatory bodies from the US, Europe and Asia, most major smartphone manufacturers, and experts on patent law.

The main topic of discussion was the “reasonable and non-discriminatory principle” (Rand), which is sometimes also referred to with “fair” at the start (Frand.) In many jurisdictions, the principle applies to any case where companies patent technologies that are part of the process of developing standards, such as those used to make sure different handsets can work over different types of cellphone network and call one another.

The idea is that because such standards development helps the entire industry, patent holder should be forced to license the technology to rivals but still make some cash from their work. The “non-discriminatory” part isn’t too much of a problem as it simply means letting anyone use it for a fixed royalty level but, as is common with legal disputes, the interpretation of “reasonable” varies widely.

It’s become a particular issue in recent months with scenarios such as company A refusing to license a patent, company B using it anyway, company A suing for infringement, and company B countering that it should have been allowed to license it in the first place.

Variations on that dispute include company A offering a license but company B thinking the requested royalty is unreasonable, and company A saying the relevant royalty rate should apply to the entire handset cost and company B saying the rate should only apply to the cost of the relevant component. (And yes, the first line of most Phonics Songs does often apply here.)

The ITU isn’t giving any detail about who said what at the debate other than that it was heated. It’s now planning to hold further meetings over the next year to discuss the topic, concentrating on the “reasonable” issue. One outcome could be an international standard that governs how such royalties should be calculated and gives either a specific royalty rate or a guideline range.

Florian Mueller of the FOSS Patents blog, who is consistently one of the most authoritative sources on the subject, says one of the most contentious points is whether patent holders should be allowed to get injunctions when they claim a violation of a “standards essential patent.”

He also notes that the ITU may be wary of trying to settle the issues while major regulatory investigations and court cases are ongoing. Mueller believes its much more likely court rulings will establish principles than that those involved will reach agreement through discussion.

Batman Hates Bronies [Vid]

Warning: Video contains strong language.

The bronies reign of magic and friendship is over.


Glimpse of the Silver Samurai & Wolverine’s Claws

CBM has released the first glimpse we have of Wolverine’s nemesis, Kenuichio Harada – the Silver Samurai, from the upcoming movie The Wolverine. He is being played by Korean-American actor Will Yun Lee, who you might recognize from Elektra, Hawaii Five-0 or Total Recall.

The character is suited entirely in silver armour (hence the name) and has an ability to charge things with a tachyon field (not ‘electrical current’ – bad CBM for getting that wrong!) that slices through just about anything (except, of course, adamantium). He’s usually juicing up his katana and going on rampages…so I hear. Check him out:

Ok, so it’s just a backshot, but at least we’re getting some idea of what the costume looks like.

They’ve also released a photo of Wolverine (unfortunately not our hunky Hugh Jackman, but instead a stunt double) hanging suspended in the air with his claws out for all to see:

The movie seems to be shaping up, don’t you think?

[See more photos at Comic Book Movie]

The Most Amazing Geek-o’-Lanterns You’ll See All Week

Halloween kicks off the best part of the year (at least in my opinion), but I’ve gotta tell you guys: jack-o’-lanterns really don’t do it for me. I was never a fan of scooping out pumpkin guts, and carving the same old triangle-eyed face got old sometime in the 90s. That’s why I was so stoked to find these incredible, geeky jack-o’-lanterns, featuring every awesome thing from Alien to the X Files, including our favorite malevolent hibernating overlord, Cthulhu.

These pumpkins are all part of the amazing Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Providence, Rhode Island. The event is hosted every year with a different theme. These are from the “All the World’s a Stage” show, happening now at Roger Williams Park Zoo from through November 3. The Spectacular features more than 5000 pumpkins carved with scenes from well-known movies, Broadway hits and television series, and as you can see here, comic books. Additionally, there’s a section just for pup-o-lanterns, which showcases incredible pumpkins carved with an “amazing variety of dog species,” and a kids-only section with classic Halloween jack-o-lanterns. Proceeds support the Roger Williams Park Zoo education and conservation efforts, and assist with zoo maintenance and improvement funding.

It’s almost impossible to articulate how artistic and well-rendered these are. Look at Superman’s x-ray eyes! Just amazing. They almost seem impossible, but they’re real and actually made of pumpkins.

These shots are all courtesy of Graham, who attended the event last week and was kind enough to share his photos with us. If you’re in Rhode Island, you can check it out live, or visit the Zoo’s dedicated Spectacular page for more info and images.

In the meantime, why don’t you Geeks share your favorite geeky pumpkins with us? Leave a link in the comments, or share your photos with us on Facebook. Can’t wait to see them!

Dark Matter Rap [Science Music Video]

What if I said there’s something funky with the universe?
For all the time that humans beings roamed the planet earth
There was something we couldn’t feel and couldn’t see
Oblivious to Dark Matter in our galaxy


Wampa and Luke Freezer Scene [Pic]

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