‘Hitchcock’ “Turn Off Your Phones” PSA Plays in Theaters [Video]

Don’t you hate it when people talk or text during a movie?

Well, so does Alfred Hitchcock. In fact, it makes him…(wait for it)…PSYCHO!

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Amazon Deal of the Day: 50% Off Lollipop Chainsaw [Xbox 360, PS3] – $19.99

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the Lollipop Chainsaw game [Xbox 360, PS3] for just $19.99. That’s 50% off the game’s usual retail price of $39.99.

Lollipop Chainsaw is a Hack and Slash, single player Action game in which players battle zombies as never before – in the form of the spirited and sexy, chainsaw-wielding cheerleader heroine, Juliet Starling. The game contains an addictive mixture of mature zombie apocalypse gameplay, juxtaposed with the bubbly actions and attitude of the perky teen heroine. Additional features include, upgradable cheerleading abilities and chain saws that both serve in combat, over-the-top zombie rock lord bosses, a storyline full of hooks, and a rockin’ soundtrack.

Lollipop Chainsaw [Xbox]$39.99 $19.99 (50% Off)

Lollipop Chainsaw [PS3]$39.99 $19.99 (50% Off)

Amazing Lady Skeletor Cosplay [Picture Gallery]

Best. Costume. Evar. Plus, I love Superhero Photography, you guys should check their Facebook page out!

Model: Freddie Nova
Photographer: Adam Jay from Superhero Photography


Sauron Got Bored: Hula Time

Sauron decided not to go with the crowd and buy a smartphone. So when there was a little bit of a lull in the whole, you know, that everyone trying to overthrow him thing, he needed something to do. What better way to pass the time than to use the One Ring as a hula hoop? Though I would suppose that would be one very heavy hula hoop…

The real question is, did he enlarge the ring or shrink himself? Speculation LOTR geeks?

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“Infographic” About How Every Walking Dead Episode is Built

Ah, so that’s the winning TV show writing formula. I should really get started on that killer tv show idea…

Do you think this is an accurate representation of The Walking Dead or is it the best show of all time and this is total blasphemy?

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Welcome Your New Primate Overlords: Chimp Tech Is on the Rise

While the human tech world rages and swoons over the new iPad, our primate cousins are at the height of what Discovery News is calling the Great Chimp Tech Boom. Poking at ants with a stick hardly seems like a newly integrated, top-of-the-line technological feat. But for chimpanzees, this recent development in “cultural variation,” or behavior specific to a community rather than a species as a whole, is more important than you’d expect. According to renowned British anthropologist Jane Goodall, technology among chimpanzees is improving and being adopted more rapidly than previously expected.

Just a couple of chimpanzees fishing for ants with tools they built. No big deal. Image: Robert O’Malley

Chimpanzees are more closely related to humans than any other living species — so closely, in fact, that in 2003 a team of biologists suggested moving chimps to the human branch of the family tree. It’s unsurprising, then, that chimpanzees also exhibit the highest rate of cultural variation of any non-human species. A team of evolutionary anthropologists and other animal behavior researchers, including Goodall, have identified at least 39 community-specific behaviors within different groups of chimps, which range from methods of swatting flies (some groups use leaves, while others employ the ‘index squash,’ or one-fingered smash-it-till-it’s-dead method) to variations on simple tools, like using stones to crack open nuts versus smashing them against the ground with a heavy piece of wood, for example.

Ant fishing (that’s the “poking at ants with a stick” thing) is an amazing example of cultural variation for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it requires a tool (that’s the stick), which is used to retrieve super-tasty ants and termites from their nests with ease. And even the stick has seen improvements; in 2009 a group of chimps were observed fraying the ends of their sticks to allow more surface area for catching ants and termites. But there’s another, more important reason ant fishing is a big deal: it’s the first novel adaptation outside of captivity that we’ve witnessed moving from one group into another. (The study’s authors call this “intercommunity cultural transmission.”) According to a new report in the latest issue of Current Anthropology, ant fishing is really catching on, and it’s all thanks to a sharp-witted chimp named Trezia.

Trezia is a wild chimpanzee who lives in Gombe Stream National Park, home to Jane Goodall (the report’s co-author) and her beloved Kasekela chimpanzee community. When Trezia was transferred to the Kasekela group from the separate Mitumba community, her wit and ease made her a favorite among her new family. But the Kaseleka chimps didn’t fish for ants. But they learned how eventually, because Trezia didn’t stop fishing for ants just because she lived in a new group. For her, this was normal, everyday behavior; in 1982, ant fishing was declared a customary behavior within Trezia’s Mitumba home group. It appeared in 1994 in the Kaseleka group (after Trezia’s relocation), and as of 2010 is considered customary there as well.

Of course, chimps aren’t the only primates to surprise observers with their technological prowess. Young gorillas have recently been spotted dismantling snare traps left by poachers, a development that’s both incredible and something of a relief. An ingenious Japanese macaque named Imo figured out that washing the grit off of sweet potatoes made them better to eat, and in so doing taught an entire population of macaques to wash their food. And in a group of capuchin monkeys in Brazil, not only is cracking palm nuts with stones the preferred method of midday snack procurement, the monkeys are choosing the optimal stones for the job by testing the rocks for sturdiness and weight before wasting any time using them as hammers. What’s next? Our money is on agriculture and figure-flattering winter wear.

Britain’s First Klingon Wedding

What? Wedding certificates signed in blood aren’t valid? What kind of absurdity is that?

The couple, 23-year-old Jossie Sockertopp and 29-year-old Sonnie Gustavsson, came from their native Sweden to marry at the “Destination Star Trek London” event, which will see 17,000 “trekkies” flock to London’s ExCel centre this weekend.

The pair, who met four years ago at the retirement home where they both work, were inspired to hold the ceremony after watching an episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, in which Klingon character Worf marries science officer Jadzia Dax in a traditional Klingon ceremony.

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Amazing Stained Glass Iron Man [Pic]

MartianGlassWorks makes wonderful stained glass creations, as demonstrated by the amazing Iron Man piece you see above.

This is possibly the most amazing and complicated piece I’ve ever made. The final dimensions for this piece are 31″x47″ There are a total of 334 Pieces of Glass and the window is 9.5 square feet. I used 275 feet of copper foil and 5 rolls of solder to complete this. Construction time is over 100 hours.


Nerds and Bros Are Not That Different [Pic]

So geeks, do you agree? Let us know in the comments section below!

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How to Create Beautiful Planets Using Dry Ice

Warning: Please do not attempt to re-create this experiment at home.

Watch Filmmaker Joey Shank as he creates beautiful planets using simple dry ice.

Dry ice, the solid form of Carbon Dioxide, is often used for creating captivating visual effects due to its mystifying nature. Episode 3 reveals how transforming packaged dry ice into bubble form can represent celestial bodies.