John Picacio’s (Hugo Award Winner) GEEKTASTIC 2013 Calendar

John Picacio, this year’s winner of the Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist, and the artist for the best-selling 2012 George R. R. Martin / A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar, got in touch with me a little earlier today to let me know about his project to create a totally AWESOME calendar which feature twelve of his favorite book cover artworks from his career thus far. Here’s what John sent me:

I’m about to publish a 2013 John Picacio Calendar and I think your audience might enjoy it.

I’m running a Kickstarter to fund printing and rewards for this effort, and it’s almost over — expires this Wednesday at 12 noon EST! We’re doing well, but we need a final push to the finish line.

This Kickstarter is the only way to acquire these calendars, so they’ll very likely be a limited print run, and there are no plans to make them available after Wednesday.

I’m working to make this calendar the most gorgeous collectible that I can, and I think it would make a unique gift idea for sf/f fans everywhere. We’ll initiate printing later this week, so that we can give our backers the best chance to receive their items and rewards for the gift-giving season.

[The 2013 John Picacio Calendar]

Coming Soon: 3D Print Your Own Electronics

It would seem that the University of Warwick researchers are getting tired of simply creating models and toys with their 3D printers. While they think it’s “great seeing the complex and intricate models of devices such as mobile phones or television remote controls” they are working towards being able to print electronics that actually function, not just models of them.

So they have set about creating a fairly simple and inexpensive material that they call “carbomorph”. It’s a conductive plastic composite that can be used in low-cost 3D printers that have been designed for home use. It allows the user to design electronic tracks and sensors in the 3D structure, which can then be hooked up to a circuit board.

So far they have used this material to allow objects to be printed with embedded flex sensors or touch-sensitive areas – like a button on a gaming console controller.

This means you can create a controller that fits perfectly into your strangely shaped hands. You could create a mug that can indicate how full it is. All from the comfort of your own home. I have to say it: it’s sounding more and more like a Star Trek replicator!

Next steps from here involve figuring out how to make the printing allow for much more complex structures – like those found in computers and smartphones. Once that does happen, you might just be able to produce your own Android phone that’s completely unique. No longer will we be beholden to what some company’s designer overlord decides is most aesthetically pleasing.

In the short-term, beyond creating awesome mugs, they hope that this new direction for 3D printing will allow for a new generation of engineers the luxury of a greater freedom. Advanced manufacturing technology that would have previously been difficult to bring into the classroom can now be introduced to students – allowing new engineers to become familiar with producing high-tech devices and products from an earlier stage in their career.

Another huge advantage of 3D printing electronics in the present is that customized sockets for connections to equipment can be printed instead of using conductive paints or glues.

Clearly the 3D revolution shows no signs of slowing down.

[University of Warwick | Via Science Daily]

‘One Ring’ Scarf Pattern [Pic]

Knitter Diana Stafford posted this FREE pattern for the “One Ring” scarf! All you have to do is download it — and know how to knit.

Photo Courtesy knit4boys5dogs.

…just in time for ‘The Hobbit’ in December, if you start now!

Also, click the link below to learn more about the preferred types of yarn to use, etc!

[Via Ravelry]

This is Amazing: Sword Dance and Shadowgraph

Mr. Saotome battles against his own shadowgraph with making full use of projection effects. The stage with transforming and lashing out shadow consists of precise video production and Mr.Saotome’s talent.


[GAS] Contributor Ana Aesthetic as Catwoman [Cosplay Pics]

Anna Fisher recently released some extra pics she took at Dragon Con 2012, and a few of those feature our very own Ana Aesthetic sporting her awesome self-made Catwoman costume. Nice pictures, Ana! :)

[Source: Anna Fischer (CC) | Ana Aesthetic on Facebook]

A Day in the Life of a Pro Blogger [Video]

Yep, as a full time blogger, I can confirm that this is partly true… Except that as a father of three, the routine is slightly more complicated. I also usually take a 2-hour break in the afternoon, and work an extra hour after the kids are asleep. Oh, and I also work 7 days a week, which kind of sucks, but only for 2-3 hours per day during the weekend.


“Rated G” – Film Art as Cartoons

Most people are aware that many artists like to play with the idea of art as seen through the lens of a particular, distinctive style. Andy Warhol depictions of Mona Lisa, popular culture interpreted in cubism…that sort of thing.

Well up-and-coming artist Justin White has taken a Pixar-meets-Saturday-morning-cartoon treatment on some classic films and TV shows throughout history. The result is actually pretty cool.

The original pieces are up in his first solo show called Rated G at Gallery 1988 Melrose, in Los Angeles until 30th November. If you find yourself unable to get to LA, you can check out the full 30 images at /Film. Below are a few of the ones I thought were awesome.

[/Film Via The Mary Sue]

Handpainted Star Trek Starfleet Uniform Bra [Picture]

Yes, resistance is indeed futile.

[Have one made @]

Geektastic Doctor Who Cupcakes [Pictures]

The blogger behind made these amazing and delicious-looking Doctor Who-themed cupcakes for the 40th birthday of a friend. You can check them all out in more details in the picture gallery below.

[Source: Cupcaketeer]

Classic Video Game Characters in a Running Race Reunion [Video]

All of your favourite old-skool video game characters are BACK (this time with an endless cast of favourites) to do battle in an epic platformer showdown!


WANT: TARDIS Mini-Fridge

So while you may admire the full-size TARDIS fridge, you might be thinking that it’s just a little bit too much work to do yourself, and probably well out of your price range to have it commissioned.

Well, if you happen to have 80 bucks lying around, you could get a similar experience with the mini-fridge. It doesn’t matter that it’s smaller right? Because it’s bigger on the inside. Or at least it better seem that way after coughing up the cash for it.

It’s actually an officially licensed product and even makes the TARDIS sounds when you open and close the door! It’s even a wibbly wobbly sort of fridge and has a warming function too: so it’s a fridge and a warmer! There the TARDIS goes trying to be all sonic-screwdriver-like.

[Buy it for $79.99 from ThinkGeek | Via Geek Alerts]

Be Careful When You Ask for “Roleplaying Games”

This is a real Facebook status from one of my friends. Serves as a pretty good reminder that we roleplayers should probably explain in just a touch more detail when dealing with the non-geek world. ;)

I had a good giggle about it. To be fair to the poor bookstore clerk – they had been selling plenty of books from that particular section recently.