Fruit Ninja in Real Life [Video]

A game of fruit ninja in real life… in slow motion!

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Love is a Scary, Scary Thing, But… [Comic]


When a comic artist can get you crying with a comic strip, you know he’s doing a great job.

Thanks for everything, Brian!

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Christmas Geeks from the 1900s


From their first year of marriage in 1900 until just three years before she died in 1945, Anna and Richard Wagner (not the composer) took photos before their Christmas tree to send to their friends. No one knows the inspiration behind this personal documentation beyond the more intimate holiday greetings, but they now serve to give the modern day reader a unique insight into the lives and Christmas traditions of a German couple from the early 1900s.

These were the nerds of the 1900s, and now they are immortalised. I would love to see the full collection, which I think is located at Heimatmuseum, where Retronaut claims to have found the photos.

Here is the selection of photos that Retronaut and Flavorwire published giving a bit of a cross-section. Isn’t it a beautiful little Christmas tradition? Definitely going to start doing this when I get married.

Amazon Deal of the Day: 57% Off Batman Beyond: The Complete Series – $42.99 + 20 MP3 Albums $1.99 or Less

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Terry McGinnis was just an ordinary teenager…. until his father was mysteriously murdered. Suspecting foul play at his father’s company Wayne/Powers Corporation, Terry meets Bruce Wayne and learns a secret identity hidden for decades. Now too old to battle injustice, Wayne refuses to help. So Terry does what any brash young kid would do: steal the Batsuit and take matters into his own hands! Vowing to avenge his father’s death, Terry dons the high-tech suit tricked out with jetpacks, a supersensitive microphone and even camouflage capabilities in search of his father’s assassin. Get in on the action from the beginning of a new partnership between an ex-crimefighter and his apprentice.

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Journalist plans to walk 22,000 miles for a story


An American reporter is planning to retrace the steps humans first took when spreading from Africa across the world. Paul Salopek’s journey, which begins in January, will see him walk around 22,000 miles over the course of seven years.

The journey will begin in East Africa and take him across Central Asia and China, then by sea from Siberia to Alaska, finishing with the full length of the Americas, winding up in the Patagonia region that makes up southern Argentina and Chile. It’s designed to map the expansion of the human population, albeit at a much faster pace.

Naturally he’ll have more advanced tech than early man: he told the Nieman Lab he’s planning on carrying a MacBook Air, a Sony combined video and stills camera, a smaller camera, a GPS device and an audio recorder.

As part of the project he plans to collect the same set of material every time he reaches a 100 mile point: sound and video recordings, a panorama shot, pictures of the earth and sky, and a one minute interview. These will be patched together into a multimedia archive he’s described as “a family portrait of humanity.”

Outside of the scheduled recordings. Salopek plans to report on stories he finds along the way as he encounters “scores if not hundreds of ethnic groups.”

Not only does Salopek face a logistical challenge in planning and arranging transport where necessary and to hire local guides, but he’ll also have to take care of border paperwork such as visas. He says Iran will likely be the biggest challenge but wants to avoid taking a huge detour to bypass it. At the moment he’s only made paperwork plans for the first couple of years, reasoning that there’s no way of knowing which governments or even borders will have changed by 2019.

There’ll also be mental challenges: Salopek explained that he expects to be hit by the unlikely twin pressures of solitude and intense media attention.

You’re Welcome: ‘Evangelion’ Theme Played with Bike Horns [Video]

If you’ve ever watched the opening credits of Neon Genesis: Evangelion and wished “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” had bike horns, well…your wish has been granted!

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Dungeon Master Brainstorms Clichéd New Adventure [Video]

A quick brainstorming session before a new D&D campaign ends… rather badly.


The Tree is a Lie [Picture]


Another day, another amazing user submitted geeky Christmas tree! This one comes from [GAS] reader Ames and was inspired by the game Portal. But Ames, there’s only one problem with your picture: where’s the portal gun?

The day the 90s died, all joy died [Video]

Seems like all generations have their own version of this speech. As far as I’m concerned, the 80’s were better, but that’s just me!


Handmade Sock Monkeys Offer Unique Twist on a Classic Toy

Etsy user Wumplekins makes “sock monkeys for the modern age”, and with monkeys like ‘The Bride of Frankensock’ and ‘R. Gyle the Hipster Monkey’, these sock monkeys sure are a unique twist on the classic toy!

Wumplekins also takes requests!

R. Gyle, the Hipster Monkey

R. Gyle, the Hipster Monkey

Callie Vera, the Day of the Dead Monkey

Callie Vera, the Day of the Dead Monkey

Count Sockula

Count Sockula

Bzzrt the Angry Uniwheel Robot

Bzzrt the Angry Uniwheel Robot

The Bride of Frankensock

The Bride of Frankensock

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