Papercraft X-Wing Fighter Made from Star Wars Book [Pic]


This papercraft X-Wing fighter was made by deviantartist wetcanvas using the pages from a Star Wars book.

The ship is attached in five places to the book with wire. The wings are wired through the body of the book, which has a cardboard core to hold its shape. The torpedoes are also wired.

[Source: Wetcanvas | Via OW]

Nail Clipping In Space (Chris Hadfield) [Video]

Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows us how people aboard the International Space Station clip their nails in space.

[Via Unique Daily]

Super Mario Bros Theme: The Heavy Metal Edition [Video]

From 331ERock:

I personally wanted to stay away from this song because it’s been done so many times in so many awesome ways but it always got requested so I figured for a 1st upload of the year I’d give it a shot. I wanted to make it sound as if the game was being played.


Impressive: Vertical Skydiving World Record 2012 [Video]

Watch 138 people shatter the Vertical Skydiving World Record as they form a snowflake formation at speeds up to 220 mph!

[Via Daily of the Day]

Cosplay at Comic Fiesta 2012 [Pics]

Comic Fiesta 05

Comic Fiesta is Malaysia’s longest running convention for ACG – animation, comics and games. All aspects of the art and creativity that surrounds this pocket of pop culture is celebrated there – from both local and international artists. It began as a small exhibition at the Selango Chinese Assembly Hall in 2002, and on 22-23rd Dec 2012, celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, the convention saw over 25,000 visitors!

And as usual, there’s plenty of cosplay going on. The Comic Fiesta actually claims to have attracted over a thousand cosplayers, making it one of the biggest cosplay communities in Malaysia. Marvel at some of the incredible costumes that were seen.

Check out the full Flickr album for more shots – all taken by Shazzsteel.

[Source: Shazzsteel]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 48% Off Lorex LNC104 LIVE Ping Wireless Network Camera – $99 + Free Shipping


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the Lorex LNC104 LIVE Ping Wireless Network Camera for just $99 plus free shipping. THat’s 48% off the camera’s regular retail price of $189.95.

The Lorex Live Ping is a 2013 CES Innovations award winner for Design and Engineering.

Stay connected anywhere you go with the Lorex LIVE Ping Wireless Network Camera. No more issues with connecting to the Internet or having camera configuration hassles. Versatile and advanced the Ping is capable of connecting to the Internet over Wi-Fi using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), and with an easy 3 Step Set-Up, you can set-up the LIVE Ping all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet using the free Lorex Ping app with just a quick QR code scan.

Lorex LNC104 LIVE Ping Wireless Network Camera$189.95 $99 (48% Off)

Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced Starfighter Cake [Picture]


The force is strong with this one! Another Amazing cake by my friend Chef JB Cada and Stephanie Santos from Quezon City, Philippines-based bakery, The Regali Kitchen.

[The Regali Kitchen]

The Fake Geek Girl [Video]

An attractive girl who likes comic books, sci-fi, and video games? What? Can she truly exist? No! IMPOSSIBLE! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!

Watch out male geeks, fake geek girls are out there, hungering for the blood of innocent nerds.

Warning: Video contains fake blood. :)

[Patrick Willems]

Top 10 Ways to Destroy a Snowman (in Slow-Motion!) [Video]

Play. Full screen. HD. Enjoy! :)

Thrash Lab took a trip to Tahoe to play in the snow and we made this video – “10 Epic Ways To Destroy A Snowman” – shot in slow-motion on the Phantom Miro M320S High-Speed Digital Camera.

[The Trash Lab]