“Anonymous” Rallies for a Second Assault on Scientology

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] It would seem to most casual surfers of the Internet that the battle that once roared between The “Church” of Scientology and the group called “Anonymous” all but fizzled out.  While Guy Fawkes mask-wearing protesters are still occasionally sighted outside of Dianetics centers, the oddly named group doesn’t make […]

The Web 2.0 method of proposing marriage

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] Whatever happened to the days of Mr Darcy when if you wanted to marry someone, you would visit the potential bride’s father and ask for permission to court his daughter? When Google decided to take some new Street View images at the Googleplex, one Google employee decided to use […]

Flock 2: The Silent Evolution of Flock

If you use a little thing called “The Internet” you probably heard about the launch of Firefox 3. Mozilla successfully set a very high world record for most downloads in a single day (8,002,530 to be precise). They plugged their new features and bragged about how version 3 would leave all other browsers in the […]

Gmail introduces secure net connection

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] Gmail has introduced the ability for its users to access their email through a secure “https” connection. Previously, if you wanted to access Gmail through a https connection, you had to use a Greasemonkey script or Gina Trapani’s Better Gmail Firefox extension.   But now Gmail has integrated it right […]

The ascent of scripting languages

When you say “scripting language” these days, most programmers think of Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, ASP, or JavaScript.  But the history of scripting languages starts much earlier than any of these. The Early Days: JCL At least as early as 1964, programmers realized that having to do everything in code, including copying files, was too tedious.  […]