Let Historical Tweets Take You Back in Time!

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] Don’t worry, this isn’t some archival service that will tell you what some user said two years ago.  Historical Tweets is a blog that displays one historically important (and ficticious) tweet every day!  According to the site:  “Books have been ruining history. So many unnecessary words.  Now, with Historical Tweets, history’s most […]

US Congress featured on two new YouTube channels

Are you getting tired of watching skateboarding dogs, self-absorbed teenagers, or worse-than-Karaoke covers of washed up hits?  Well, get ready for some really exciting content on YouTube:  channels covering your favorite US Senators and Representatives. The YouTube blog says, “These YouTube channels have the potential to make Congress more transparent and accessible than ever before.”  Heh, […]

China to search engines: links considered harmful

The Chinese government has apparently made a New Year’s resolution to crack down even harder on “vulgarity” on the web, sending warning shots to nineteen sites including the two most popular search engines in China:  Baidu and Google.  Officials said that the sites had not done enough or acted quickly enough to prevent banned content […]