Pay TV Numbers Drop Year-On-Year


The American pay-TV industry as a whole has had an overall drop in subscribers for the first time. But even if it’s evidence of “cord-cutting,” the firms involved haven’t really lost out much. There have been a few cases before where individual cable firms have had a quarterly decline in pay-TV subscribers. Now Leichtman Research […]

US to Give Up Key Internet Powers


The United States government says it wants to give up its regulatory powers over the Internet’s address system. It wants an independent body handling the coordination of DNS by September next year. The proposal comes from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, an agency of the US Commerce Department. It still retains several key administrative […]

Dell Charges $30 For Firefox


Mozilla wants to know why Dell is charging around $30 to install Firefox on new computers, contradicting its status as free software. It’s not clear how widespread the charge is. The Next Web captured the screenshot pictured above with a £16.25 (approx US$30) charge for one model on Dell’s UK site, though at the time […]