Pirates Arrrr Elected Again


The Pirate Party movement has reached new political heights with the election of three members to Iceland’s parliament. It’s the first time multiple Pirate Party members have been part of a national legislature. The first electoral success for one of the numerous national Pirate Parties came in 2009 when the original Swedish group earned 7.1 […]

10 Things On The Internet That We Don’t Understand


Here are the links to help you guys get quickly to the sites: Jim Carrey’s Website: http://www.jimcarrey.com Nic Cage: http://www.niccageaseveryone.blogspot.com/ Instant Cosby: http://www.instantcosby.com Emergency Yodel: http://www.emergencyyodel.com Steven Seagal’s Energy Drink: http://www.lightningdrink.com Pipe Guy: http://www.youtube.com/smokersofcigarspipes Facebook Likes on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com Toy Story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G0j_Huv2Fg Boohbah Zone: http://www.boohbah.tv/zone.html Amazon: http://www.amazon.com

Facebook Is Going to Blow Up Your News Feed


Facebook is to change the way its News Feed feature works, replacing it with multiple feeds organized by content type. It could make the site easier to use, but such a drastic change is likely to upset many users, at least at first. The change, expected to be unveiled tomorrow, has been described as the […]