Groklaw closes over NSA surveillance


A website specializing in legal news relating to open source software says it will cease activity because of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program. Pamela Jones, who runs Groklaw, says it’s no longer possible to guarantee confidentiality to sources. The site covered many of the patent and other legal cases relating to technology including battles […]

Proxy servers could violate hacking law


Using a proxy server to visit a site that has banned you could violate US law according to a court ruling. But that matter hasn’t yet been settled, and it may not apply to cases where it’s the site that has been blocked. The case involves a dispute between Craigslist and a company called 3Taps […]

Five minutes without Google hits website traffic hard


It’s no secret that many Internet users have become highly reliant on Google’s services. But an as-yet unexplained outage at the company showed just how significant a part it now plays in our online life. For a few minutes last Friday afternoon, all Google services became unavailable. Google’s publicly released status notes show the outage […]

PirateBay creates ‘anti-censorship’ browser

The PirateBay has launched its own web browser. The creatively-named PirateBrowser should help people who are restricted from accessing some websites, thought it’s not a guarantee of complete privacy. According to a post on the PirateBay blog (which, ironically, I had to access via a proxy server thanks to a court-ordered block by my ISP), […]

Pressure cooker raid reports were overheated


If you’ve heard that the feds raided a woman’s house after she innocently searched for a pressure cooker, and her husband for a backpack online, well, that’s not quite the whole story. Freelance writer Michele Catalono attracted intense media attention today after blogging about a raid by “six agents from the joint terrorism task force.” […]

Online ad networks agree to piracy crackdown

Eight major online advertising firms, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, have agreed to withdraw ads from sites that are involved in copyright piracy. The agreement, which also includes 24/7 Media, Adtegriry, AOL, Conde Nast and SpotXchange, was coordinated by the US government. It relates to ad networks that supply ads to websites (usually based on […]

Facebook pulls ads from sex and violence pages


Facebook says it will no longer carry advertising on pages with content advertisers may consider controversial. The changes will mean a lengthy process of inspecting individual pages and groups before they can carry ads. The changes involve pages with “violent, graphic or sexual content” that are not violations of Facebook’s terms and conditions, but aren’t […]