Bill & Ted Sequel!?


Did I just completely miss this rumour!? Well apparently I did and what was rumour has now been somewhat confirmed. I’m quite sure we have enough readers out there old enough to remember the wonderfully stupid adventures that Bill & Ted went on so long ago…back when Keanu Reeves was just a kid. The third instalment […]

Google+ Gets Back at the Oatmeal


So in usual Oatmeal fashion, Matthew Inman had a poke at Google+ about their lack of engagement. He also had a bit of a giggle on Google+ itself about the lack of the ability to customise URLs – joking that he has to direct people to in order to get to the Oatmeal’s page. How does […]

Helvetica Heroes [Pics]


This amazing gallery by René Mambembé, entitled Helvetica, My Hero, expresses how universal Helvetica is, how it comes to your rescue when you just can’t choose a font. Here is every letter in the alphabet, representing a superhero, coming to our rescue is much the same way. I’ve picked out my favourites here, but check out the full […]