Safety First! [Comic]


Another great comic by Loading Artist. It reminds me a little of some of the scenes in The Walking Dead season 3 were zombies were wearing full protective gear, even though we’re only talking about ear muffs here. :) [Source: Loading Artist | Like "Loading Artist" on Facebook | Follow "Loading Artist" on Twitter]

‘ELLO POLLY! London Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Monty Python with Dead Parrot Statue

In honor of Monty Python turning a whopping 50 years old this year, London has placed a 50-foot-long fiberglass parrot statue in Potters Fields Park, near Tower Bridge. Naturally, the parrot is “sleeping” on its back. The statue is of a Norwegian Blue, the type of parrot discussed in the comedy troupe’s infamous Dead Parrot Sketch. […]

D.I.Y. ALERT: ‘Labyrinth,’ ‘Star Wars’ & Muppets Cupcake Toppers


I know what you’re thinking: “No way! I could never do that!” Well, Instructables user cakesprite heard your cries of desperation and frustration and has come up with step-by-step instructions to ccreate Labyrinth, Star Wars, and Muppets cupcake toppers of your very own! Cakesprite uses certain cake decorating tools and sugar paste for the sculpting, so even […]