The Zen of Being A ‘Tetris’ Master


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Tetris master? I’m not talking getting a couple hundred lines. I an talking about being a zen master at the overall game of Tetris. For the first time, we have a glimpse into the life of a man who has spent his passion […]

Crafting a Basic Cosplay Armor with Worbla: A Brief Tutorial


A brief tutorial by Seattle-based Tattooer and Painter Electric Alivia on how to craft a basic cosplay armor using worbla, a fantastic thermoplastic modelling material. [Source: Electric Alivia on Deviantart | Electricalivia on Facebook]

Star Wars Paper Snowflake Patterns: The 2014 Edition


Graphic designer Anthony Herrera has rencently created this series of awesesome DIY Star Wars paper snowflake patterns for the holidays. Check ’em all out! For those interested, You can download the pattern for free right over here. [Anthony Herrera]

Creative Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes


I don’t know how many of our American readers expect to have any leftover food, but just in case, Buzzfeed has collected together five creative recipes and turned them into a video guide. Cheesy mashed potato pancakes and sweet potato tater tots may be a bit humdrum, but I’d certainly never have thought of whipped […]

Mac Tip: Press Alt-3 to Save $27


Mac users who want to create a hashtag and can’t find the hash key (also known in some places as the pound sign) now have two options to solve the problem. The first is to hope an ongoing Kickstarter campaign reaches its target, then pay £17 (US$27) to buy HashKey, a plug-in USB keyboard with only […]

Upside Down Truck Is Right Way Up


This appears to be an upside down truck: an upside down 1995 F-150 pick-up if you know your trucks. That’s half true: it’s actually the body of a 1995 F-150 flipped over and attached to the body of a 1991 Ford Ranger.

Halloween Decorating Project: In Praise of the Halloween Turnip and Brazen Heads


History geeks among us will know that the traditional carved vegetable of the Halloween season was not–as it is commonly seen today–the pumpkin, but rather the humble turnip. While some cite the practice to the legend of Stingy Jack, the mythology behind the turnip goes much farther back into the Celtic age.  According to some […]

A Lightning Quick Method on How to Remove Peel from Certain Fruits [Video]


Great way to peel fruit. Clever food hack to quickly remove the peel from certain fruits. Simple to do and could be handy when making a fruit salad. Perfect for a kiwi or mango, and even works with avocado. [DaveHax]

How to Make a Watchmen Rorschach Moving Ink Blot Mask [Video]


A simple “How To” on how to make Rorschach’s moving ink blot mask. All you need is a white scarf and some Turn Thermo Fabric Dye. [ScreenTeam | Turn Thermo Fabric Dye]

10 Top Time-Saving Tech Tips [Video]


This video is a little old, but I bet you’ll learn a thing or two by watching it! Tech columnist David Pogue shares 10 simple, clever tips for computer, web, smartphone and camera users. And yes, you may know a few of these already — but there’s probably at least one you don’t. [TED | […]

How to Make Triangle and Cube-Shaped Bubbles


Boom. a triangle bubble. Boom. A cube-shaped bubble. [Crazy Russian Hacker | Via LS]

10 Office Food Hacks


From Food Beast: We’ve compiled 10 Office Food Hacks to make your eating situations at work 10x more boss-like. Including a tip on how to eat a Nature Valley granola bar without getting that sh*t all over the place. [FoodBeastTV]