Five Things You Should Never Say to Your D&D Party

A few months ago I wrote a post about things you should never say to your DM during a D&D—or any RPG–campaign. And while the DM wields the most power, you can’t underestimate the importance of good group rapport. Over the last two years I’ve absolutely lucked out with a fantastic group of players. We […]

HOW TO: Teach your old Mutt some new tricks

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] Email is one of the greatest innovations in communication of our time, but it can also be a tremendous drain on our time.  Wading through all the spam, phishing lures, Facebook invites, and conspiracy theories from distant relatives to find the really important missives can feel like sorting […]

REVIEW: Soluto, Anti-Frustration Software

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] Last week we talked about Betterment, the “new age” investing site, which won TechCrunch’s “Best Startup in NY” award. This week we’ll talk about the overall “Best Startup” winner at TechCrunch Disrupt. Their name is Soluto and they sell themselves as “anti-frustration software.”  Then again, “selling themselves” probably isn’t the best […]

Start with a Clean (Spread) Sheet – House Cleaning the Geek Way

This is a guest article by D. Salmons on behalf of DIY Guides. House cleaning can be a very time consuming and laborious chore that seems to never end. And just when you think you have it all under control, it’s time to do it again. Even worse, things can be missed that suddenly complicate […]

Five Tips for the Conflicted Geek Relationship


So you’ve finally fallen in love with the geek of your dreams. All those misty montages you dreamed of while searching for that special someone will finally come to being: both of you staying up at all hours playing WoW, sharing a bucket of popcorn during Ironman 2, both reaching for the same comics issue […]

Using The iPad As A Secondary Monitor

This post is written by the guys over at iGadget Life, where you can find everything from LCD monitors to AV receivers. So, you are hard at work on your Macbook, trying to get some work done before you play with your new gadget, a shiny new iPad. After stealing a quick glance at the […]

20 Geeky Words to Add to Your Lexicon

I’m a word geek. No way around that. I have spent literally days of my life trolling the Online Etymology Dictionary and, back when I had a university subscription, the Oxford English Dictionary. English, while being an absolute mish-mash of languages, has a delightfully wacky catalogue of words and phrases that aren’t just fun to […]

Eight Ways to Be A Better Tweet Geek

Twitter is my preferred social network for a number of reasons. But more than anything I love it because it’s simple and, with the help of various clients and lists, easy to organize and keep track of. It’s far easier to spend twenty minutes a day catching up on tweets, in my opinion, than the […]

Five Geeky Things You Should Learn or Do This Summer

Summer is coming, and for many that means breaks, vacations, and general lulls in our lives (well, those of us without kids, and full-time jobs). Even if you don’t have a ton of free time this summer, I think there’s just something about the season that speaks to casual learning. The weather’s great, the trees […]

HOW TO: Copy Outlook Contacts to Abook

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] In the mass migration of end users from Windows to Unix-based workstations, one question that’s asked over and over again is “What will I ever do without Outlook?” Wait, wait, CUT!  Let’s try that again, from the top. In the trickle of tech-savvy users who’ve ditched Windows for […]

Five Geeky Plants To Grow This Spring


I’m willing to argue that gardening is one of the first geeky hobbies. I mean, before the advent of television and video games, botanists and hobbyists alike have been categorizing seeds and experimenting with the plant world for time out of mind. There’s just something really captivating about the combination of science and aesthetics—not to […]

Questions to Ask if You’re Thinking of Getting Involved in Open Source

If you’ve considered getting involved in open source software development before but didn’t know where to start, keep reading. Even before you get down to it, the first thing you must consider is what sort of task you would like to do. The second is contemplating your skillset. Do they match up? If not, you […]