Move over Beijing, Dubai now has the world’s largest airport

While Dubai’s underpaid workers live in misery, the city’s elite class keeps piling on architectural wonders one after another. This time they’ve built the world’s largest airport, dethroning the previous record holder, Beijing’s UFO-like Olympic Terminal. At 16.1 million square feet, Dubai’s International Airport is not only larger than all airports that have ever been […]

Standby power: Electronics that drain your wallet, even when they’re off

Some electronic devices keep on drawing power, even when they’re “off.” While some of them have a function, like displaying the time or offering remote control functionalities, most don’t. Typical “vampire” appliances can consume up to 25 watts each, an amount that could make a significant difference in your electricity bill by the end of […]

Scripting Languages and the Web

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] When Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the “Mesh” (later renamed to the World Wide Web) to CERN back in 1989, the concept was much simpler than it has become today.  The problem Berners-Lee sought to solve was how to establish links between the massive number of related documents generated world-wide by […]