“UAV” Robotic spyplanes get new role as medical couriers

Once used as spyplanes for the military, these re-purposed UAVs (uncrewed aerial vehicles) are now being used to deliver medical supplies to remote, isolated South African villages. They can also transport medical samples back from the same villages to normally out-of-reach laboratories for analysis. It’s nice to know that technology initially developed for military purposes […]

Houston, we have a computer virus!

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] It seems that computer viruses are now boldly going where no computer virus has gone before – the International Space Station. The virus, otherwise known as “W32.Gammima.AG” to his buddies, was found on laptops which the astronauts use to email Mission Control in Texas.   However NASA was at great […]

Firefox 3.1 to dramatically speed up JavaScript

AJAX developers, get your game on.  Firefox version 3.1 will deliver massive speed improvements for JavaScript, the language behind many of the cool interactive effects on today’s web pages. Andreas Gal and Michael Franz of the University of California, Irvine invented a novel approach to Just-In-Time compilation called “tracing”.  Put simply:  rather than compiling complete, individual […]

Yamaha’s Exoskeleton Motorcycle: The Deus Ex Machina

What do you get when you cross-breed a motorcycle with a robotic exoskeleton? A wearable concept vehicle that will make rides on common racing bikes look like a boring afternoon stroll through your neighborhood. Invented by Jake Loniak, The Yamaha-branded Deus Ex Machina concept motorcycle is powered by ultra-capacitors and nano-phoshpate batteries (Just like the […]