Pirates Sail Across Baltic Sea

This may be the only time you’ll ever read this sentence: Politicians have come to the rescue of filesharers. Sweden’s Pirate Party, which has one elected member in the European Parliament, has become the internet service provider of The Pirate Bay, the site at the center of much legal controversy in recent years. The deal […]

Pirates Arrr Not elected

Nine candidates for Pirate Party UK have failed to repeat the successes of their Swedish counterparts in British elections. The men were standing on a platform of online rights, centered around reforming and updating copyright and patent law, greater privacy rights for citizens in regards to technology, and strong protection for freedom of speech online. […]

Google Goggles turns translator

Those of us not lucky/smart enough to read foreign languages have, until now, been fairly poorly served by technical replacements to the trusty travel phrase book. There are, of course, plenty of standalone handheld devices which are simply electronic phrase books with keypads, some of them offering text-to-speech features. An existing Google phone app attempts […]