Google hypes 1Gb broadband

Google is preparing to test a 1 gigabit broadband service in the US. Just to recap, that’s 1000 megabits per second. Put another way, that’s the theoretical ability to download a DVD in 37 seconds. The plan is to work in partnership with local and state governments to set-up fiber-optic networks reaching between 50,000 and […]

Happy birthday Photoshop!

Photoshop turns 20 today. The photo-editing software has become one of the few pieces of technology where the brand name has become a verb, others including “to Google” and to a lesser extent “to eBay” (an action often performed on unwanted Christmas gifts.) Strictly speaking, the software was first distributed in 1988, though this was […]

The Future is Near: Design Firm Ponders Floating Hotels

Now this is something frivolous, fantastic, and futuristic that I can really get behind. According to CNN, London-based design company, Seymourpowell, has proposed a project for floating hotels, called AirCruise. Essentially, the idea is to travel in the form of a futuristic airship/luxury hotel, designed to float from destination to destination rather than zoom at […]