The Year in News: What Happened Next (Stories From September-October 2014)


Continuing our look at the stories we covered in 2014 and subsequent developments, we turn to September. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani¬†argued that blocking Internet access to cut down political protest was harming the country’s scientific progress. He also¬†lifted a ban on broadband providers offering fast speeds on fixed lines and cellphone networks, something seen as […]

A Robotic Spider Dress That Attacks People When They Get Too Near Too Fast [Video]


This is super creepy. Aptly called the ‘Spider Dress’, this piece of wearable tech features animatronic mechanical limbs that respond to external stimuli while defending the personal space of the wearer. The dress provides an extension of the wearers intuition: It uses proximity sensors as well as a respiration sensor to both define and protect […]