Stephen Hawking Warns Us All to Think Twice Before Advancing AI Technology


If physicist Stephen Hawking is taking pause with the future of AI technology, maybe we should take pause, too. Or at least, you know, think about all the paths it could potentially take first. Hawking, along with physicists Max Tegmark and Frank Wilczek and computer scientist Stuart Allen, wrote in The Guardian that AI could absolutely change […]

Dying Grandmother Uses Oculus Rift to Travel, Climb Stairs Again [Video]

grandmother uses oculus rift

Roberta Firstenberg was dying of cancer and only had a few months to live. Priscilla, her granddaughter, emailed the Oculus Rift team, and they donated one so her grandmother could “go outside” again, as her mobility was extremely limited. Despite being able to use virtual reality to “travel” outside and even to other countries, Roberta got the greatest […]