Robotic Exoskeleton To Kick Off World Cup


A paralyzed person will today ceremonially kick off the World Cup. At least that’s the plan, thanks to a robotic exoskeleton controlled by thoughts. The equipment is a demonstration of the Walk Again Project, an international collaboration of universities, tech and neuroscience centers. It’s the latest development in research into the idea that detecting electrical signals […]

Turing Test ‘Pass’ Doesn’t Convince All


A Russian computer program is said to have become the first to pass the “Turing Test” for artificial intelligence. Whether that’s the case is a question of interpretation. The Turing test is named after computer pioneer Alan Turing, whose 1950 paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” examined whether computers can think. He said such a question […]

Self-driving Cars Get Test City


The University of Michigan is building a 32-acre model city for testing self-driving cars. The Mobile Transformation Facility will include both a city centre with the traditional grid model and a four-lane highway. Realistic features will include “merge lanes, stoplights, intersections, roundabouts, road signs, a railroad crossing, building facades, construction barrels and eventually a mechanical […]

Skype To Get Live Translation


Microsoft has demonstrated Skype carrying out voice translation almost instantaneously. It plans to roll out the feature to the public starting later this year. Voice translation has been around for several years, with varying degrees of success. In 2010, Google unveiled a voice feature in Google Translate that — in theory at least — allowed […]