Stephen Hawking Warns Us All to Think Twice Before Advancing AI Technology


If physicist Stephen Hawking is taking pause with the future of AI technology, maybe we should take pause, too. Or at least, you know, think about all the paths it could potentially take first. Hawking, along with physicists Max Tegmark and Frank Wilczek and computer scientist Stuart Allen, wrote in The Guardian that AI could absolutely change […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Actors Try Out Oculus Rift at SXSW [Video]

oculus rift_got

The recent 2014 SXSW (South by Southwest) Festival in Austin, Texas featured a Game of Thrones exhibit. Within that exhibit, however, was a virtual reality simulator called Oculus Rift. Actress Maisie Williams (‘Arya Stark’) was one of the GoT actors on-site who tried the new gaming system. After stepping into a tiny cage-like room, she […]

Firefox to Carry Ads

Mozilla has announced it will carry what is effectively display advertising on its new tabs page. It appears to be a minor step towards financial independence. The change will affect the new tab page which displays thumbnail images linking to nine websites. In normal use, these are personalized to the user, taking into account how […]