Booby violence may be cyclical

There are plenty of theories that suggest abused children are more likely to carry out abuse themselves when they grow up. Now it appears that pattern may exist in non-human species. Researchers from Wake Forest University in North Carolina made the discovery while studying Nazca boobies, a bird found on islands in the Pacific ocean […]

Squiggle Inception [Video]

Screen shot 2011-08-08 at 1.17.59 AM

If you like to waste your time in math class but also feel like you should be highly efficient about it, take a lesson from YouTuber Vihart. In five minutes, you too will know the art of squiggling a squiggle inside a squiggle inside a squiggle, also known as the Hilbert space-filling curve. An entire […]

Antiproton Ring Found Around Earth [Science!]

Good news for the people responsible for fueling future spacecraft–a ring of antiprotons has been detected spiraling between the Van Allen belts. Theoretically, the antiparticle equivalent of protons could be used to power super-efficient rockets. “This is the most abundant source of antiprotons near the Earth,” says Alessandro Bruno,  of the University of Bari in Italy. […]

Graphene Uses Keep on Coming

Last year’s Nobel Prize in Physics went to two British scientists for their work experimenting with graphene. This month has seen two separate announcements about how the material could be in electronic devices. Graphene is simply a single layer of carbon atoms: as the Nobel citation explained, it’s literally a two-dimensional material. Manchester University professors […]