The Stopped Clock Illusion [Video]


Chronostasis (from Greek ??????, chrónos, “time” and ?????? “standing”) is the illusion in which the first impression following a saccade (quick eye movement) appears to be extended in time. The most well-known version of this illusion is the stopped-clock illusion, where the first movement of the second hand of an analog clock, following the viewer’s […]

Frankenstein’s Bog-Body Monsters


3,000-year-old “bog bodies”, dug up over a decade ago in Scotland, have recently been found to be composed of six different people’s body parts. Not so original, were you Dr. Frankenstein? It seems that the explanation of why these bodies were pieced together will forever be lost in time. But the details that have been […]

Government Agency: No Evidence of Mermaids


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has issued an official statement that there is no evidence that mermaids exist. The statement, by the agency’s National Ocean Service, came after two letters asking for information about the mythical creatures. It appears the letters came from viewers of an Animal Planet broadcast in May entitled “Mermaids: The […]