So Beautiful: The Bolshoi Simulation Visualized [Video]


Visualization of the dark matter in 1/1000 of the gigantic Bolshoi cosmological simulation, zooming in on a region centered on the dark matter halo of a very large cluster of galaxies.  Visualized by Chris Henze, NASA Ames Research Center. This visualization was narrated in the National Geographic TV special “Inside the Milky Way”.  It was used with the piece “Dark […]

THE MAGIC OF REALITY by Richard Dawkins: A Review with Commentary from a Young Reader


Only Richard Dawkins could write a children’s book that generates this much controversy. Since the title was announced, fans and detractors of the world’s most (un?)popular biologist have been arguing back and forth about whether or not the book’s content is appropriate for kids. To familiarize those who don’t know, Richard Dawkins is the author […]