Freaked-Out Lampreys Are Freaky [Video]

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How do you control an invasive species–especially a parasitic one–without having to physically remove every specimen from an area? It’s a good question, and a hard one to answer. The ramifications of controlling one animal almost always include serious decline in another, damage and contamination to a habitat and possible immunity in the case of […]

The Sound of Hydrogen [Video]

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Just last week’s post about the Radioactive Orchestra, this video illustrates the concept of atomic radiation through sensory switch techniques–by exchanging light waves for sound waves, we can hear hydrogen. Produced by Henry Reich, this short animation is part of a series of animations that quickly explain a physics concept. We featured “Something from Nothing” here a couple […]

The Selfish Gene… Musical?


Richard Dawkins wrote The Selfish Gene in 1976 to present his theory of gene-centered evolution. In the 35 years since its publication, The Selfish Gene has been widely hailed as a revolutionary text in the field, and because of Dawkins’ popularity (or infamy, if you prefer) has remained a well-sold title, rolling out well over […]

The Radioactive Orchestra [Video]

*nor FTFY

To help illustrate the process of radioactive decay, Swedish nuclear scientists and musicians teamed up and formed the Radioactive Orchestra, which translate the isotopes’ different energy levels into sound frequencies. The result is questionable in terms of listen-ability, but the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and the Nuclear Safety & Training organization’s project overall is […]