Dinosaur flatulence becomes hot topic


British scientists have estimated the total methane output of one class of dinosaurs at a point around 150 million years ago. Amazingly it’s more than the total methane produced in the world today and could theoretically have prolonged a period of historically high temperatures. The work was carried out by a team led by David […]

Why is our Skin Waterproof?


I am far from a biologist and I wouldn’t even call myself a science geek, but I was intrigued when I saw this article called Why our Skin is Waterproof because, well, I had never really thought about it before. The common phrase, “Like water off a duck’s back” implies that these avian creatures are exemplary […]

Timelapse: EARTHEREAL [Video]


SOUND UP! LIGHTS OFF! FULL SCREEN! The International Space Station Expedition 30 crew has shot some truly awe-inspiring time-lapse sequences flying over practically every square mile of the globe. I downloaded the high-resolution image sets that have been made available and constructed this short time-lapse piece in hi-res 2K project format. I was amazed at […]