Chill Out, Insomniacs

Blue Ice Cubes

I’ve battled with occasional bouts of sleeplessness for years; it’s now to the point where, when sleep evades me, I’ve given up on sleep aids and bedtimes and such. I just go to sleep when I think I can sleep, and that’s that. But a recent article in the LA Times tells me I’m doing […]

Green lasers, jellyfish and kidney on blue light special

Researchers at a Massachusetts hospital have manipulated a living cell to produce a laser light. That could pave the way to exploiting the fact that such a technique could produce continuously refreshed light. The breakthrough came from Malte Gather and Seok Hyuan who work at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Wellman Center for Photomedicine. They built their […]

Building a Dinosaur From a Chicken [Video]


Renowned paleontologist Jack Horner has spent his career trying to reconstruct a dinosaur. He’s found fossils with extraordinarily well-preserved blood vessels and soft tissues, but never intact DNA. So, in a new approach, he’s taking living descendants of the dinosaur (chickens) and genetically engineering them to reactivate ancestral traits — including teeth, tails, and even […]