A Truly Mixed Cat [Pics]


I know it’s not Saturday, but this is such a feat of biology I thought it was worth posting. This is Venus. This is not a photoshopped picture. She’s what they call a “chimera”, which according to Wikipedia (all hail Wikipedia) means that she “is composed of two or more different populations of genetically distinct cells that originated […]

The Solar System to Scale [Pic]


This kinda puts the sizes of the different planets into perspective for you – Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury all fit quite comfortably into Uranus. *giggle* Yes, I’m being immature. This didn’t quite blow my mind as much as someone showing me that all of Europe can fit inside Australia. [Source: Space Facts | Via […]

How Your Pee Can Help Save the Environment


The challenge to reduce carbon emissions rages on (despite those who “don’t believe” in global warming). According to Manuel Jiménez Aguilar, an answer may lie in our urine. In a study he published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials, Aguilar explains that urea results in the production of ammonium bicarbonate and also ammonia, which can absorb atmospheric CO2. So […]

Curiosity Fired First


If there are martians observing Curiosity, determining whether it is friend or foe, they are sure to be up in arms as Curiosity lasered up a rock. Yesterday NASA reported that the Curiosity rover fired its first laser – first laser on Mars (its mamma must be so proud). Rocks on Mars are special and […]

Pretty Seaslug!


I’m struggling to figure out what fictional creature this very real seaslug looks like. Some sort of Pokemon perhaps? A robot creature from some game somewhere? My brain is failing me. Someone help me! If you’re wondering, it’s actually a real creature: it goes by the name of “Glaucus atlanticus” (I’m loving the atlanticus part) and […]