Liquid Changes from Boiling to Freezing State in a Matter of Seconds [Science Video]


I can’t explain in great detail what is happening here, but it seems that the people performing the experiment are dropping the pressure inside the glass, causing the boiling and freezing points to come closer together. This phenomenon is called the “Triple Point.” In thermodynamics, the triple point of a substance is the temperature and […]

MEDICAL MARVEL: 3D-Printed Skull Saves Woman’s Life [Pic + Video]

3D printed skull

Doctors in the Netherlands at University Medical Center Utrecht say they have successfully implanted a 3D-printed skull into a young woman. The 23-hour surgery occurred three months ago, according to NBC News, but details are just being released, as the woman, 22, is recovering extremely well. While her name has not been released, she apparently […]

Yeast The Subject Of Latest DNA Breakthrough


Scientists at New York University have successfully synthesized a chromosome of yeast. It may not sound much, but it’s arguable the most complex DNA synthesis to date and the closest step towards doing so with animals. It’s now four years since the J Craig Venter Institute created a synthetic cell of bacteria, something it described […]