New Mineral Discovered in Antarctic Meteorite


Big news for mineral scientists or collectors — a 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite discovered in Antarctica in 1969 contains a mineral previously unknown on Earth. Dubbed Wassonite after John T. Wasson, a UCLA professor known for his achievements in meteorite and impact research, the tiny crystal comprises sulfur and titanium in an interesting new structure. From the Live […]

New Nanoparticle Technology Shown to Kill Drug Resistant Bacteria


The current practical use of antibiotics to treat infection has created drug-resistant mutations in common bacteria. Amoxicillin and other types of commonly-used antibiotics–which work by affecting the DNA of microorganisms, thereby blocking their ability to multiply–have grown increasingly less effective in the last few decades as their use has become more widespread. In a recent […]

Solar power turns over a new leaf

An MIT scientist claims he has achieved “one of the Holy Grails of science”: an artificial leaf that stands up to practical application. The device simulates photosynthesis to generate electricity using just sunlight and water — reputedly doing so 10 times more efficiently than a real leaf. Daniel Nocera acknowledged that his team’s output is […]