Blue Tastes Like the Ocean


Do you see numbers as colors?  Do you hear smells?  Then congrats, you’ve got synesthesia. Over the past 30 years… a growing body of evidence has shown that synesthesia has a physical basis—for example, the brains of synesthetes are wired differently, and the condition is highly heritable, which indicates there is a genetic component. In […]

LUCA Was Ocean-Sized


ONCE upon a time, 3 billion years ago, there lived a single organism called LUCA. It was enormous: a mega-organism like none seen since, it filled the planet’s oceans before splitting into three and giving birth to the ancestors of all living things on Earth today. This strange picture is emerging from efforts to pin […]

E-Mail Becomes Eye-Mail


University of Washington researchers have created a technology that could allow users to have e-mails beamed directly to their eyeballs, just like in Torchwood: Children of Earth (and Terminator before it). But in its current form, users will need to be able to decipher morse code. The technology, which can display (or not display) an […]