Newton’s Notes Now Online


Cambridge University has published 4,000 pages of manuscripts by Sir Isaac Newton, including his handwritten annotations. It’s the first stage of a digitization process that will eventually see documents from the likes of Charles Darwin and Ernest Rutherford put online. The Newton papers are, alongside Islamic manuscripts, the first documents to appear online as part […]

The Birth of a Star [Video]


“This movie presents a visualization of the star-forming region known as S106. This unique three-dimensional view illustrates and emphasizes that many of the objects contained within astronomical images are not at the same distance, but, in fact, spread across light-years of space. The Hubble image is augmented with additional field-of-view from the Subaru Infrared Telescope. […]

Google Launches YouTube for Schools [Video]


YouTube for Schools lets schools access free educational YouTube videos while limiting access to other YouTube content. Students can learn from more than 400,000 educational videos, from well-known organizations like Stanford, PBS and TED, and from up-and-coming YouTube partners with millions of views, like Khan Academy, Steve Spangler Science and numberphile. Schools can also customize […]