Packing Peanuts Make Power Pack


Packing ‘peanuts’ could be used to manufacture rechargeable batteries. Both polystyrene and starch-based versions could be used for separate components. The idea came from Purdue University’s school of Chemical Engineering where staff recently moved to a new lab and used a lot of packing peanuts to transport and receive delicate equipment. While both versions of […]

IKEA Bans Hide-And-Seek


IKEA has banned Dutch users from playing hide-and-seek in its stores. It follows 32,000 Facebook users saying they planned to hide in one store alone. It appears the crackdown follows a perfect example of the philosophy that if you give people an inch, they’ll take a mile. Last July, a 29-year old woman in Belgium […]

Why Does Mario Run To The Right?


A psychologist believes side-scroller characters like Mario move from left to right because people have a bias towards depicting movement in that direction. Why exactly that should be is not so clear. Dr Peter Walker of Lancaster University in the United Kingdom explored the topic in an article for the journal Perception titled: “Depicting visual […]