‘Netflix Tax’ Challenged In Court


Chicago’s attempts to put a nine percent tax on streaming services such as Netflix are to be challenged in court. The suit claims both the tax and the process by which it was introduced are unlawful. The tax, which applies to streaming service subscribers with a Chicago address, was not a new measure in itself. […]

Human Ancestry Gap Filled By Skeleton Discovery

Credit: eLIFE Sciences

A new species discovered through skeletons found in a mass grave in Africa may fill the gap between the first truly human-like species and older more primitive primates. The scientists who’ve been studying the finds have avoided the term “missing link”, but it certainly appears to be a previously unseen blend of human and ape-like […]

6GB RAM Smartphones On The Way


Samsung has launched a new form of mobile memory which means we could soon see smartphones boasting 6GB of RAM. It appears to be a side bonus of the company working with other devices in mind. Specifically Samsung is mass-producing a 12-gigabit low power, double data rate 4 DRAM in a 20-nanometer format. That’s a […]

Amazon Plans $50 Tablet


Amazon is said to be set to release a $50 tablet computer. The claim appears in the Wall Street Journal and is sourced to “people familiar with the matter” which most likely means either Amazon staff or one of its suppliers. The only firm details are that Amazon plans to offer a $50 tablet with […]

The Amazing New LG 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor (Sponsored)


When it comes to PC’s, you are either part of the master race or are being left behind in a cloud of dust. While some gamers and web users plop down in front of a 14 inch laptop screen or some archaic, bulky monitor, the realest fans are getting rigs and set ups that make […]

Move Over Netflix; Amazon Prime Instant Video Now Allows Offline Viewing!


Amazon Prime members will now be able to download movies to watch offline through iOS and Android apps as part of their subscription. Previously the feature was only available on Amazon’s own Fire devices. It’s an attractive weapon in the battles with other streaming video services, though does come with several strings. The feature appears […]

ET Cartridge From Desert Sells For $1,500


Atari cartridges dug up from the New Mexico desert have so far raised more than $100,000 at auction. The haul included copies of the infamous ET game which fell far short of sales expectations. The game sold around 1.5 million copies, leaving between 2.5 and 3.5 million unsold thanks to extremely poor reviews. For years […]

Woman Gets Disability Grant For ‘Wireless Allergy’


A French woman has been awarded a publicly-funded disability grant because she is allergic to radiowaves from mobile devices. However, the ruling stopped short of formally recognizing electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) as an illness. The lady says she is forced to live in a remote barn with no electricity because she suffers adverse effects when exposed […]

The Aphantasia Disorder: Life Without A Mind’s Eye

Sebastian023 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

A neurologist is investigating a condition by which some people cannot visualize images in their head. His team has termed the condition “aphantasia.” Professor Adam Zeman is carrying out a study titled “The Eye’s Mind” that will look at the issue not just through science but also in culture and philosophy. The title is a […]

Sony Creates Bizarre Speaker/Remote Control Hybrid


Have you ever thought it unwieldy to have both a remote control on your table and a loudspeaker on your TV? No? Well, Sony has decided to combine them anyway. In one of the weirder audiovisual two-in-one products, Sony has come up with a portable speaker that also works as a (very bulky) remote control. […]

Toucan Gets 3-D Printed Beak


A toucan that lost part its upper beak — and thus the ability to eat — has been given a replacement via a 3D printer. Tieta was rescued by police from a fair in Rio De Janeiro and had around half of the upper beak missing. Rescuers think that may have been the result of […]

Samsung-Apple Smackdown Heading To Supreme Court?


Samsung hopes to take its long-running patent battle with Apple to the Supreme Court. It wants a ruling on two significant issues in the way patents operate in the tech business. The dispute feels like its been going on forever and in tech years that’s not far from the truth: some of the patents involved […]