Indian Cops Lose Password For Eight Years


Delhi police have admitted that they didn’t investigate complaints about their conduct for eight years because they didn’t know the password to the online complaints system. The Indian Express reports that: Every year, the Central Vigilance Commission  holds meetings with government departments to take stock of the complaints with them. Sources said that since 2006, […]

Dell Charges $30 For Firefox


Mozilla wants to know why Dell is charging around $30 to install Firefox on new computers, contradicting its status as free software. It’s not clear how widespread the charge is. The Next Web captured the screenshot pictured above with a £16.25 (approx US$30) charge for one model on Dell’s UK site, though at the time […]

Boy, 11, Bullied For Loving ‘My Little Pony,’ Attempts Suicide [Help Needed!]

michael morones 2

Taking after his uncle, 11-year-old Michael Morones, of North Carolina, was a self-proclaimed “Brony,” finding comfort and solace in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, especially in the character of Pinkie Pie. Morones has ADHD, and he found the pony very relatable. He wore Pinkie Pie and MLP:FIM paraphernalia to school, where his classmates would […]