Glass-Walled Skyscraper Melts Car


An under-construction skyscraper in London has unintentionally become a solar death ray that melted a car. The 37-storey building, officially named 20 Fenchurch Street, is nicknamed the Walkie Talkie or the Pint because of its planned shape, as shown above in an artist impression. As well as bulging at the sides, it has a concave […]

Marvel to be in Disneyland


Disneyland Hong Kong is the smallest of the major corporation’s theme parks. From personal experience I can tell you – it’s pretty tiny. But this little runt of a theme park is about to get a boost: it’s very own section based on Marvel. The Hollywood Reporter has indicated that the Hong Kong government sees this […]

Return of the Citysearch

Citysearch App

“Remember when Nintendo re-invented itself with the Wii?” “Remember when Old Spice, founded in 1934, re-invigorated their brand with those amazing Mustafa spots?” Is that what people are going to say a couple years from now about Blackberry, who just launched their hail mary with a surprisingly awesome new Z10 smartphone? Or about Citysearch, once […]