Days Get Longer As Earth Warms, Researchers Claim


A rise in average global temperatures causes an increase in the time it takes the Earth to rotate according to a new paper. The finding could solve a 20-year-old mystery known as Munk’s Enigma. It’s already established that the length of a day increases over time because the moon is gradually getting further away. That […]

Tinder Shocker: Swipe Right And They’ll Take Your Kidney


Tinder is running a campaign to promote organ donation. And no, not that one you mucky pups. The campaign is being run with the National Health Service in the UK. It aims to tackle the problem that the number of people who say they’d be happy to donate organs after their death is much greater […]

Troll Insurance Pays Out For Cyberbullying


An insurer is offering its customers troll insurance. The “cyberbulling cover” will pay out only in specific circumstances. The cover is from the UK wing of the Chubb insurance group. It won’t be a standalone policy but instead will be available as part of personal (householder) insurance policies renewed after January 1st. To qualify for […]

1 in 5 People Online ‘Almost Constantly’ Is Survey’s Vague Claim

Credit: Rachel Pavitt (

A survey showing 21 percent of Americans are online “almost constantly” is undermined by a lack of clear definition. Indeed, the more surprising stat may be the 13 percent who say they don’t use the Internet at all. The figures come from the Pew Research Center, which regularly runs surveys on tech and Internet use. […]

Study: Periods Make Text Messages Seem Insincere

Credit: Celia Klin

Researchers claim that ending a text message with a period makes it come across as insincere. But the study behind the claim raises some questions itself. A team led by Celia Klin of Binghamton University asked 126 undergraduates to look through message exchanges displayed on phone screens and as handwritten notes on paper. They were […]

Schmidt: We Need A “Spellcheck” For Hate Speech


Google boss Eric Schmidt has called for “spell-checkers for hate” on social media accounts. The call has created some confusion over exactly what forms of censorship, and by whom, Schmidt supports. The comments come in an opinion piece in the New York Times in which Schmidt addresses the role of the Internet in general, and […]

Google Designs Bloodsucking Smartwatch


Google has applied for a patent on a way to draw blood without using a needle. It could be used in a smartwatch to make life easier for people with diabetes. The idea seems to be based around situations where only a small drop of blood needs to be extracted, meaning the traditional syringe needle […]

Astronaut To Run Marathon In Space

British astronaut Tim Peake is to take part in this year’s London Marathon — despite the fact he’ll be in orbit at the time. Peake won’t be an official competitor, but will be starting a 26.2 mile run at the same time as the more conventional runners on April 24. The big difference is that […]

British Officials Seize Over 15,000 Dangerous ‘Hoverboards’


15,000 potentially dangerous ‘hoverboards’ have been seized by officials in the UK. Then again, what do you expect from outdated technology? It seems the hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, were set to be among the hot craze Christmas gifts for this year. That’s thought to be because of their hipster retro appeal: as the […]

Wikipedia Vetting AI Gets Smarter


Wikipedia is adopting a new artificial intelligence tool to weed out potentially low-quality edits. However, human users will retain the power to decide which edits remain active on the site. Previous attempts to automatically rank edits and highlight possible malicious activity haven’t worked well, according to the Wikimedia Foundation. It says such tools have placed […]

Mona Lisa Goes 3D For Blind Art-Lovers


Classical paintings could be recreated in 3D for blind and visually impaired art lovers if a crowdfunding campaign proves successful. The Unseen Art project wants to use 3D printers to produce tactile versions of paintings. The plan is to not only make the 3D artworks available for galleries but also to share the print files […]

Driverless Cars Get Own Racing Series


The organizers of the leading auto racing circuit for electric vehicles says it will run races for driverless cars next year. The races will take place on the same city street circuits as the existing manned Formula E racing. The Formula E championship series which ran from September 2014 to June 2015 was the first […]