No More eBay Spells


I didn’t know they even had spells on eBay. I don’t actually use eBay that much anyway, but this was still a bit of revelation. So apparently it’s been a thing to buy things such as magic spells, curses, hexes – even prayers and blessings! eBay has now declared such a thing stupid and is banning […]

Curiosity Fired First


If there are martians observing Curiosity, determining whether it is friend or foe, they are sure to be up in arms as Curiosity lasered up a rock. Yesterday NASA reported that the Curiosity rover fired its first laser – first laser on Mars (its mamma must be so proud). Rocks on Mars are special and […]

Bill & Ted Sequel!?


Did I just completely miss this rumour!? Well apparently I did and what was rumour has now been somewhat confirmed. I’m quite sure we have enough readers out there old enough to remember the wonderfully stupid adventures that Bill & Ted went on so long ago…back when Keanu Reeves was just a kid. The third instalment […]