A Call to Duty for Armchair Geologists

Debris covers the floor of the Miller's Mart food store in Mineral, Va. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Many of you Geeks felt the rumbling around 2pm Eastern time yesterday, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake centered just outside of Mineral, VA. (The [GAS] staff didn’t feel a thing, until the Internets exploded with reports and our speakers started vibrating with incoming media notifications.) If you’re anywhere on the East Coast and you felt the […]

Sci-Fi Geeks, Rejoice! Hugo Winners Announced


If you’re one of those bookish geeks, and if your bookishness tastes a bit science-fictional, then you’re probably familiar with the Hugo Awards. If not, here’s the deal: since 1955, the World Science Fiction Convention (“Worldcon”) members have been voting on and awarding the Hugo, sci-fi’s most prestigious award. It’s like the Academy Awards but for […]

Ur car cd b stolen by txt

A security consultant has shown it’s possible to steal some cars simply by sending a specially crafted series of text messages. Don Bailey of iSEC Partners was speaking at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. It’s an annual event designed to inform security professionals about the latest threats, and has become known for […]

Media May Have Failed IQ Test


A widely reported “study” showing Internet Explorer users had lower IQs than users of other browsers is looking suspiciously like a hoax. The story originated with a press release from what apparently is “a Vancouver based Psychometric Consulting company” named AptiQuant. The story received widespread coverage as fact, with accompanying comment from writers. (For the […]

Google and Facebook Trade Targets

Given the success of The Social Network, there’s surely a follow-up to be made that involves other major tech companies. If that happens, this week will be the scene where two very different characters trade positions… “with hilarious consequences.” Facebook has launched a website dedicated to helping businesses make the most use of its network. […]

Graphene Uses Keep on Coming

Last year’s Nobel Prize in Physics went to two British scientists for their work experimenting with graphene. This month has seen two separate announcements about how the material could be in electronic devices. Graphene is simply a single layer of carbon atoms: as the Nobel citation explained, it’s literally a two-dimensional material. Manchester University professors […]

The Analog Blogger of Liberia


In a country where most of the population is unable to afford a thirty-cent newspaper and Internet service is something akin to having a pet unicorn, it’s easy to imagine that the news available to the masses is more than a little bit skewed by government control. That’s why Alfred Sirleaf, of the capitol city Monrovia, […]