When “Friends” are Feds

A secret document has revealed US government officials have so many programs of agents working undercover on social networking sites that they have had to create a coordination program. The Electronic Frontier Foundation obtained the document under freedom of information laws. The document, “Obtaining and Using Evidence from Social Networking Sites” is authored by the […]

Online hate on the rise

The Internet grew 20% more hateful in the past year according to new figures. That’s not in terms of losers nitpicking on forum flame wars, but rather racist and other hurtful material, plus terrorist propaganda. The report comes from the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Tolerance, named after a Jewish holocaust survivor who later pursued those […]

All the latest on the iPad

The rush for the iPad appears to have slowed down slightly after some fairly insane first day orders. It comes as Apple reveals more details including how it will treat battery failures, an audio option for iBooks, and a “breakthrough” mobile contract. In our link roundup this morning, we linked to an article reporting that […]

Memories are made of *this*

A new study has proven it is possible to get some insight into a person’s thoughts simply through a brain scan. But while it could help research into memory loss, it’s not quite to the point of literally reading people’s minds. The research at University College London follows on from a previous study there which […]