Why Google+ is Failing


By Rodney Brazeau Contributing Writer, [GAS] Google made a brave effort as the potential Facebook Killer with its own social media website Google+. The complete lack of anything ending in “ville” does make me want to jump to that service, but it seems that despite its initial signup of 90 million people, Google+ is not […]

Pack Your Bags Aussie Tech Nerds: A Place to Crash in San Fran!

12.02.07 - Pack Your Bags Aussie Tech Nerds

A team from StartUpBus: one of Elias Bizannes’ other start-up initiatives. Photo credit: Eoin McMillan. A couple of entrepreneur Aussies (and a Kiwi!) are tired of having their tech start-up friends, with bright, puppy-dog eyes crashing on their couches week after week. They needed somewhere to direct their tides of friends so they could actually sit […]