Robot Army Takes Over Hospital

A new British hospital has acquired a fleet of robots to carry out menial tasks including transporting waste, delivering food and dispensing drugs. Management at the Forth Valley Royal Hospital, which opens in August, say the robots won’t take jobs away from staff: instead they’ll free up more time for them to attend to other […]

Library Mayo Vandal Caught

Seeing mistreated books just makes me hurt inside. No, don’t drip ketchup onto that library book! Broken spines, curses! Also, I have a deep loathing for mayonnaise (yes, I realize that many of you think I’m crazy, but I really do find it gross). So reading about the capture of this serial book defiler in […]

Pirates Sail Across Baltic Sea

This may be the only time you’ll ever read this sentence: Politicians have come to the rescue of filesharers. Sweden’s Pirate Party, which has one elected member in the European Parliament, has become the internet service provider of The Pirate Bay, the site at the center of much legal controversy in recent years. The deal […]

iPad: uWait

If you’re a non-American waiting for the iPad, make yourself comfortable: the international release has been delayed for a month. The official reason for the delay is that US demand has been so much higher than expected that it will take time to get extra stock ready for non-US orders. Apple reports that it delivered […]