Repairman Accidentally Beats Google At Own Game


Search for “Google” on Google and you’d expect to get Google. But an Egyptian air conditioning engineer found himself number one for that very search, having unintentionally found a killer search engine optimization trick. The unexpected result only affected searches on Google’s Egyptian site ( but appeared even for users of Incognito mode, meaning the […]

Fury Road’s Immortan Joe Was Almost Martian Manhunter in ‘Justice League’ Movie


Anyone who sees Fury Road walks away with a respect for Immortan Joe. Yeah, he was a bad guy, but he was a friggin’ awesome bad guy. Well, did you know the actor who was played him, Hugh Keays-Byrne, screen tested (makeup and all) to play Martian Manhunter in the Justice League movie that never got […]

Lego Gets Virtual World Game


Minecraft has been described as a digital version of Lego. Now Lego is itself going digital, Minecraft-style. Lego Worlds has just been added to Steam as an “early access” game which may have bugs and missing features. The plan is to develop it based on user feedback and release a “finished” edition at a higher […]