Cool Tee: Captain Iron Hulk


Made from 100% Cotton, this silver t-shirt features what looks like a…cranial combination of three Avengers….. craniums! They’re the Avengers! And…they’re in a movie! Holy ##$!!!! Anyway, here’s a t-shirt featuring the molded, melded craniums based on the Avengers movie iterations of Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America! Have I mentioned the fact that this […]

From Here to Barsoom: An Interview with Andrew Stanton, Director of “John Carter”


By J David Osborne Contributing Writer, [GAS] On the phone, director Andrew Stanton comes off as wildly enthusiastic for his soon-to-be-released adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ 1912 classic, John Carter. Burroughs wrote eleven of the Carter books, starting with A Princess of Mars, upon which this upcoming film is based. The books are written in […]