Skrillex Meets Zelda

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That’s not a combination I ever thought would happen – Legend of Zelda with the dubstep artist Skrillex. But hey, there have been crazier things in life. Skrillex Quest is what creator Jason Oda calls an “advergame” – that is, an advertising game. The game was created with the intent of promoting Skrillex’s music. It […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: AMAZING Deals on All Stargate Box Sets and Movies


For today’s edition of deal of the day, Amazon has some pretty amazing deals on all box sets from the Stargate Franchise, my favorite sci-fi series of all time, right after Battlestar Galactica, of course! –Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collection – $199.98 $73.99 (63% Off) –Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] – $199.99 $71.99 […]