Labyrinth Gets the “Honest Trailer” Treatment in Tribute to David Bowie [Video]


From Screen Junkies: Since we had to say goodbye to David Bowie so soon, we decided to honor him by reviewing that one weird kid’s movie he was in that was way worse than we remember. [Screen Junkies]

Star Wars Episode 7.5 [Comic]


Stephen Byrne, one of my favorite artist on the web, has illustrated an awesome sequel to “The Force Awakens” where Rey and her friends fight the ultimate evil of the Star Wars universe. The comic is kind of long, so if you’re reading this from the front page, the first panel is right below, and […]

Mobile Toilet “Star Wars” Prank [Video]


Out of all the people that were pranked, only two knew the whole thing was a joke. Unbelievable! [Câmeras Escondidas Programa Silvio Santos]

Snoop Dogg Narrates Planet Earth – Part I and II [Videos]


Here are a few segments of Planet Earth being narrated by the one and only Snoop Dogg instead of by Sir David Attenborough. The end of part II is especially funny. [Riccardo TV]

This Year’s Random Thing You Have to Eat to Be Healthy [Comic]


[Source: Uber Tool Comics | Like “Uber Tool Comics” on Facebook | Follow “Uber Tool Comics” on Twitter]

EPIC REMIX: Guy Falling For 9 Seconds While Trying To Shovel Snow [Video]


Warning: language in the last 15 seconds. [CoveiraoPS3]

Fetch Dogmeat! [Comic]


[Source: Electric Bunny Comics | Like “Electric Bunny Comics” on Facebook]

Why Kylo Ren REALLY Turned to the Dark Side [Comic]


[Source: Is It Canon by @RockPaperCynic and @BigSimpleComics]

A Brick Inside a Washing Machine Bouncing on a Trampoline [Video]


You might have seen something like this on the web before, but never on a trampoline. You’re welcome. [bootsowen | Via Neatorama]

Oculus Rift: Version 0.1 Alpha [Pic]


[thegarrettt on Reddit | Via]

Kylo Ren (as Aladdin) Brings Princess Jasmine on His Magic Carpet [SNL Sketch]


Aladdin (Adam Driver) and Princess Jasmine’s (Cecily Strong) magic carpet ride encounters some unexpected issues. A whole new world indeed. [Saturday Night Live]

Patton Oswalt On The New “Star Wars” [Video]


Patton Oswalt thinks watching the new Star Wars is like hanging with your old drinking buddy (Ep. 4-5-6) again after being with your boring, sober friends (Ep. 1-2-3) for too long. Previously on [GAS]: STAR WARS FILIBUSTER: Patton Oswalt’s Rant Gets Animated. [Team Coco]