LOL: Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones


Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones is an hilarious subreddit dedicated to mashing up “themes” from the two shows. Here are some of my favorites. [Reddit | Via IO9]

Deadpool vs Comic-Con 2013 [Video]


Once again Deadpool (D Piddy) makes his hilarious return to Comic-Con International (San Diego, CA). [D Piddy]

What If Superheroes Had Instagram? [Pics]


As if superheroes’ egos needed to get any bigger! (I’m lookin’ at you, Stark!) [via Comediva]

Matt Smith Hijacks Nathan Fillion’s Twitter Account

It’s true! A Captain and a Doctor. Oh my! [@Nathanfillion]

George R.R. Martin (& Neil Gaiman!) Totally PWN Paul & Storm! [Video]


Last year, comedy musicians Paul & Storm recorded this little ditty: Amusing, right? Well, last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Martin crashed Paul & Storm’s set AND HE WAS NOT AMUSED. But everything turned out ok, though, when none other than Neil Gaiman stepped in to smooth things over! [via BuzzFeed]

‘NUFF SAID: Fangirls. [Animated Video]

fangirls_leigh lahav

Where all my fangirls at?? WE ARE THE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!! (And will you please invite me to your bi-monthly meetings?) [via Jezebel]

“Breathe with Me” [Comic]

Breathe With Me

I’ve got two bottles that aren’t breathing! Someone hand me a glass! STAT! [Source: Left Handed Toons | via Cheezburger]

The Most Useless Machine of All Time Version 2.0 [Vid]


Sure, you’ve probably seen some similar machines before, but this one takes things to extreme when it comes to avoiding you from switching its lever to the “on” position. [Jeffrey Kohler]

Nailed It: The Best Mega Man Cosplay EVER [Pic]


This certainly goes on par with that awesome Silver Surfer costume we’ve posted a while ago. [Via Reddit]

Darth Vader and His New Bride, Ella


This joke is so bad, it’s actually good! [Via]

I Know it’s Cheesy… [Pic]


[Via PJ]

The Possibilities are ENDLESS! [Comic]


[Source: Brian @ Shoeboxblog]