‘Brave’ Gets Annie Leibovitz’s ‘Disney Dream’ Treatment [Pics + Video]

Jessica Chastain_Leibovitz_Brave

Esteemed photographer Annie Leibovitz has teamed up with Disney since 2007 for the Disney Dream photo series. The series takes famous actors and musicians and transforms them into classic Disney characters. The latest movie to get the Leibovitz-Disney treatment is Brave, with Golden Globe-winning actress Jessica Chastain as Merida. In 2013, Leibovitz photographed Jennifer Hudson […]

Dying Grandmother Uses Oculus Rift to Travel, Climb Stairs Again [Video]

grandmother uses oculus rift

Roberta Firstenberg was dying of cancer and only had a few months to live. Priscilla, her granddaughter, emailed the Oculus Rift team, and they donated one so her grandmother could “go outside” again, as her mobility was extremely limited. Despite being able to use virtual reality to “travel” outside and even to other countries, Roberta got the greatest […]