‘American Gods’ Series Has New Home; ‘Anansi Boys’ on Deck for BBC

American Gods

Last November, HBO announced that Neil Gaiman’s American Gods was no longer in development. Now, FreemantleMedia has acquired the rights to the book, but what channel will ultimately air the series remains unknown. FreemantleMedia is mostly known for game shows and reality shows, but they are “currently boosting their scripted TV division with shows in […]

Boy, 11, Bullied For Loving ‘My Little Pony,’ Attempts Suicide [Help Needed!]

michael morones 2

Taking after his uncle, 11-year-old Michael Morones, of North Carolina, was a self-proclaimed “Brony,” finding comfort and solace in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, especially in the character of Pinkie Pie. Morones has ADHD, and he found the pony very relatable. He wore Pinkie Pie and MLP:FIM paraphernalia to school, where his classmates would […]