Kinect Goes Hardcore… Kinda

Microsoft has announced a voice control feature for its Kinect motion control system in an apparent attempt to appeal to serious gamers. Speaking at the E3 expo in Los Angeles, the company revealed that Kinect will be supported by several upcoming games aimed more at traditional players than the casual audience targeted in the initial […]

Introducing the PS Vita [Video]


Armed with dual analog sticks, front- and rear-mounted cameras, a multi-touch backing, 5-inch OLED touchscreen, sixaxis motion sensor, wifi, 3G (through AT&T, which sent a round of boos through the audience), and a slew of games designed to utilize its multiple control systems, the PS Vita is a packed-to-the-gills next-gen for the PS3. Retail price […]

Coming Soon: Batarang Controllers


If the idea of playing Batman: Arkham City with the traditional PS3 or Xbox 360 controller doesn’t feel authentic enough for you, never fear: Power-A has announced a pair of Batman-themed controllers for release in conjunction with the game this fall. Batman fans will revel in the authenticity of the design of the Batarang, while […]