Brilliant Fang Cosplay

Fang Cosplay7

Check out this pretty awesome cosplay by Callesto as Oerba Yun Fang from Final Fantasy XIII – check out that lance! She’s actually an awesome cosplayer and you should check out her DeviantART account for some of her other costumes including some Brave and some twisted fairy tale stuff. She’s actually selling the amethyst and […]

Geeky Garage Sale Held in Atlanta Just in Time for the Holidays! [Gallery]


Over the weekend, I attended the B Geeky Collectible Bazaar in a warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia’s West End. Think of it like one large geeky garage sale, where the “vendors” were local geeks just like you and me, selling some of their DVDs, comics, manga, action figures, video games, collectibles, props, clothes, etc. to other […]

Skrillex Meets Zelda

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 5.41.02 PM

That’s not a combination I ever thought would happen – Legend of Zelda with the dubstep artist Skrillex. But hey, there have been crazier things in life. Skrillex Quest is what creator Jason Oda calls an “advergame” – that is, an advertising game. The game was created with the intent of promoting Skrillex’s music. It […]