Portal 2 Cocktails


If you’ve ever wondered about how the science behind creating portals works, just take a few of these portal 2 shots and everything will be made clear! The Portal Two (Portal 2 cocktails) Ingredients: Blue Curacao Vodka Lemonade Cointreau Rum Orangina Small tumblers Directions: “This drink is, of course, designed to resemble the two coloured […]

Epic WOW Deathwing Cake [Pic]


This awesome WOW-themed Deathwing Cake by self-proclaimed “domestic scientist” and “huge dork” Renee White was made to celebrate the defeat of Deathwing the Destroyer in World of Warcraft by some of her guildies from the Molten Core Swim Club. That’s it, you’ve done it Renee… it’s only 9 in the morning and I’m hungry for […]

Flight Simulator goes freemium


In the era of modern console gaming, that old classic Flight Simulator has somewhat fallen from public attention since its last edition in 2006. Microsoft has decided the best way to revive it is to give it away free of charge. There is of course a catch. The game, now rebranded simply Microsoft Flight, is […]