5 Amazing Facts You Don’t Know About Hideo Kojima


Hideo Kojima is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. One of the most beloved game creators out there, yet had a recent falling out with Konami that left many scratching their heads. So who is this man? What is he up to next? Why are his games so awesome yet to so weird? This list […]

The Best “Sims” Story You Will Ever Hear


Just goes to prove you can’t just throw away one of your kids because they are ugly. They will always find a way back home just to flip you off, right in your face. Punk Kid=1 Horrible Parents=0 Well played, Sims. Well played. (Reddit)

The Princess is in Another Castle [Comic]


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DOOM: Campaign Trailer from Hell [Video]


I am literally drooling for a new DOOM game, and this is making me drool even harder. Check out the single player campaign and smile at the fact that Bethesda/Id are still nice enough to make single player games that kick this much butt! Warning: This is Doom we’re talking about, so be ready for […]

7 Video Game Puzzles That Made Absolutely No Sense [Video]


The hardest puzzles to solve are those that were clearly conceived by video game developers taking some bad acid. [Cracked]

Perfect For the Big Game Night: Settlers of Catan Nachos and Pizza


Who said geeks can’t enjoy watching American football, especially if there’s a little nerdiness involved? Since Super Bowl 50 is almost here, why not make things a little more interesting with some Settlers of Catan themed food to eat while watching the big game on February 7th? Oh, and if you’re looking for the bowls […]

Fallout 4 Prank Call: Vault-Tec Rep Sells Fallout Shelters Over the Phone [Video]


Youtuber ICEnJAM used some pre-recorded lines from the Vault-Tec representative in Fallout 4 to prank call regular people, trying to sell them a place in Vault 111. Watch and laugh. The Vault-Tec representative goes door to door to ask various citizens to reserve their spot in Vault 111. Unfortunately, he isn’t very well received as […]

Top Ten Games in 2016 That Might Suck


We all talk about the new Uncharted coming out and No Man’s Sky when we talk about games coming in 2016. But what about the games that may be good, but just might let us down? No one talks about those. Well….. Here are some games coming in 2016 that just might suck a bit. […]

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Trailer #3 [Video]


Noctis and his team infiltrate an imperial base in Square Enix’s latest combat footage from FINAL FANTASY XV. [Final Fantasy XV]

The Game Trailer for “LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is Hilarious! [Video]


Love the last part with Kylo Ren! :) The blockbuster film Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to life in LEGO video game form June 28, 2016. Check out the announce teaser trailer and pre-order today! –LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens (PS4) –LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens (XBox One)

The Reality of Modern Communications [Comic]


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The “Batman v Superman” Trailer Recreated in GTA V [Video]


A GTA 5 recreation of the Batman v Superman trailer by Youtuber Merfish. Be sure to check out he side by side comparison video below as well! [Merfish]