Tech toys heading for Christmas lists


We live in an age when children seem more interested in grown-up gadgetry (my 12-year-old niece is currently unsuccessfully lobbying her parents for a BlackBerry) than traditional toys. But if forecasts are correct, this could be a particularly tech-filled Christmas. The UK’s Toy Retailers’ Association has just published its annual Christmas best-seller prediction list, in […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 42% Off Sony’s Official PS3 Blu-Ray Remote – $14.46 + Free Shipping

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has a Sony’s official PS3 blu-ray remote for just $14.46 + free shipping. That’s 42% off the remote’s usual retail price of $24.99. The PlayStation 3 Blu-ray remote control enables users streamlined access to the PlayStation 3 system’s disc features. Unlike standard infrared remotes, the Blu-ray […]

iPad mini rumors return


An extremely preliminary rumor suggest Apple may be planning a low-price iPad in response to Amazon getting into the tablet business. The rumor, reported at Apple Insider, stems from a financial analyst, who in turn says his sources are component suppliers in the Far East. According to Brian White, Apple may be planning a dual […]