iPhone Survives Car

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Most of the issues that I’ve had with the iPhone involved altercations with the carrier, AT&T, but my opinion of the device increased a little today when I discovered an unexpected perk: it’s more durable than I thought. The iPhone below survived being run over by my father’s Chevy […]

PSP marketing staff hit ‘Go’ too soon

Sony has mistakenly unveiled the new edition of its handheld console, the PSP Go. The biggest change is that the UMD drive has gone, leaving a considerably smaller and lighter console. The Go (pictured via Eurogamer.net) isn’t expected to get an official airing until tomorrow at the E3 video games conference. However, a video detailing […]

Zune HD Demo

A few days ago, we announced that Microsoft will soon be releasing a new version of their portable media player: The Zune HD. Now, here’s a first look of the device, which, compared to the iPod Touch, apparently has a way better looking screen and more efficient UI. Check it out: [Via Gizmodo]