Ringtones that unblock your runny nose?

A Japanese ringtone provider has recently started selling ringtones that, according to scientific studies, can unblock your stuffy, runny nose. The treatment, which is composed of various unmelodious sounds and vibrations, is applied by holding your mobile to the bridge of your nose for 30 seconds while it is ringing. These ringtones are apparently not […]

BristleBots Update

Since the story of the BristleBots was published here on Friday, Lenore Edman at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories spoke to developer Pat Murphy at Klutz about the BristleBots. Murphy then posted a report at Scholastic’s website and at Klutz. We spoke about our shared commitment to making science and technology accessible to children. We began […]

Where BristleBots Came From

By Miss Cellania Contributing Writer, [GAS] Over a year ago, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories posted instructions for making a BristleBot, a cute little robot made from a toothbrush, a battery, and a vibrating motor from a pager. I thought it was a great idea, easy to make, worth posting at other sites. The real fun […]