Fun with Gravity

Neil Fraser wondered if a lava lamp would still work in the higher gravity environment of Jupiter. How such a question ever occurs to anyone is a matter of wonder in itself, but Fraser went ahead and built a ten-foot centrifuge in his living room to conduct an experiment to answer the question. The centrifuge […]

Deal of the Day: 60% + Off Belkin 15-Inch Energy Collection Messenger Bag

For today’s edition of deal of the day, is offering some major discounts on Belkin’s line of 15″ Energy Laptop Messenger Bags. Originally priced at $49.99, the bags are now priced at either $19.95 (Midnight Blue/Electric Blue or Gray/Flamingo Pink) or $17.70 (Chocolate/Green). Designed with durable, water resistant, Rip-Stop material on the outside Features […]