Sony Unveils the Much-Rumored Vaio P, World’s Lightest 8-inch Netbook!

By Will Sullivan Contributing Writer, [GAS] Is this thang cool, or what? At only 1.4 lbs, the Sony Vaio P certainly won’t break your arm—or the bank: although quite a bit more at $900 than the standard, generic, commodity-priced netbooks from everyone else. Even then, it is still considerably lower-priced than the diminutive UMPCs it […]

CES Preview: LG Adds Built-in Netflix Streaming Capabilities to New HDTVs

By Will Sullivan Contributing Writer, [GAS] In the week(s) prior to CES every year, manufacturers often “pre-release” info to whet the appetites of journalists about to be bombarded by the cacophony and cognitive dissonance that truly is the lasting experience of the Consumer Electronics Show. Even though today—the day before the official start of this […]

CES 2009: Preview of the World’s Largest Consumer Electronics Show

By Will Sullivan Contributing Writer, [GAS] Well, it’s early January, again—and that must mean it’s time for: a) the annual misdating of checks and documents debacle; b) the early abandonment of too-ambitious (and already onerous) New Year’s Resolutions; c) the counterbalance to the latter for all techno-geeks worldwide: the cornucopia of emerging technologies, realized and […]

30GB Zunes simultaneously fail

Beginning around midnight last night Pacific time (2008-12-31), 30GB Zunes everywhere started freezing at their boot screens, with the progress bars ironically at 100%.  Zunes that were in use at that time spontaneously rebooted in order to get to that frozen state.  Obviously, this was due to a disturbance in the force, emanating from Cupertino. […]

OPPO BDP-83: A Truly Universal Blu-Ray Player

You may not have heard of the company, but among audio- and videophiles “in the know,” Oppo, a Chinese manufacturer, reigns as a “best bargain” champ among very high-performance disc-player brands. The company makes a noted effort to include high-quality parts and better-than-usual engineering designs to maximize both audio and video quality, plus, uses extensive […]