How Low Can They Go? New Kindle Priced at $139

While the publishing industry, and indeed readers themselves, are still figuring out just exactly what to do with e-readers and e-books, Amazon’s certainly not flagging. Engadget, and about 200 other media outlets, reports that Amazon’s new Kindle—in WiFi only format, of course—is going to be a paltry $139, just in time for the new school […]

New DMCA Exemptions Legalize Phone Jailbreaking & DVD Ripping for Fair Use

If you’re in the United States you might know that there’s this very confusing copyright law called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, that (in short) criminalizes certain means of circumventing copyright protection (i.e., digital rights management, or DRM, i.e., that stuff that wouldn’t let you play your MP3s wherever you want). The DMCA […]