StarCraft Roundup

Starcraft Mashups How do you make Starcraft 2 even more awesome? Mash Final Fantasy 7 style gameplay and music into it, that’s how! Final Fantasy 0.2 is a Starcraft 2 mod that uses the Battlemap editor to create a radically different gameplay experience. Other radically different gameplay modes include a first person shooter, a 3rd […]

Super Mario Art Round-Up

There are so many talented artists out there who are now tackling the wild and varied world of video game characters. Here are a few outstanding artists renditions of the world of the Super Mario Brothers. Zombie Mario Finnish photographer Marko Saari captured these awesome undead versions of Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, who in […]

Ten of the Best Offbeat Twitter Users

There are plenty of celebrities, public figures, intellectual giants and business gurus using Twitter these days. But there are also some posters who entertain in a slightly different manner: the fictional, fictionalized or anonymous accounts. Here’s our guide to some of the most notable: @fakeapstylebook If you’ve any interest in language or journalism, this is […]