Amazing Alien Xenomorph Cosplay From Brooklyn RobotWorks [Pics]

Artist Peter Kokis from Brooklyn Robotworks just sent me a few pictures on his awesome self-made Alien Xenomorph costume which he calls The “Brooklyn Alien“… because in Brooklyn, no one can hear you scream. He’s built from ordinary and readily-available items, nothing special, including knife sharpeners, toilet plungers, drain mats and conduit tubing. Unlike my […]

When Snow White Goes Steampunk [Cosplay]

I love this fantastic interpretation of a “steampunkified” Snow White by Swedish cosplayer enjoithis. The costume is based on the artwork of Deviantart user noflutter. The whole costume, excluding gloves because of my lazyness, is made by me. The costume contains: Shoe covers, stockings, bloomers, hoop skirt, petticoat, dress, corset, goggles, miniature hat, breathing apparatus […]