Handmade Batman Scalemaille Suit of Armor [Picture]


Anyone got an extra 10 grand lying around? This armored Batsuit was originally made for fan-made web series called “Legends: The Dark Knight,” and according to the description: “This scalemaille armor is handmade and takes approximately 350 hours to complete. The suit contains nearly 27,000 stainless steel rings, 3,000 small anodized aluminum scales, 4,500 anodized aluminum large scales […]

“Dear Fake Geek Guys, Please Go Away!” – A Satirical Report by Cosplayer Jennifer Landa [Video]


“With their lack of fabric and abundance of skin, who were all these half-naked men? Were they true geeks? Or opportunists pandering for attention?” Well played, Ms. Landa. Well played. Editor’s note: I’ve been following Jennifer’s Youtube channel for a while, and even though the videos she release are often really fun and interesting, she […]