The most EPIC Cosplay of All Time: Building Skie, Kitiara’s Dragon – Part I [Pics + Video]


My friend Tabby from Artyfakes Action-Props just released a video showcasing the progress her company has made on Skie, the dragon Kitiara rides into battle. Once completed, Skie will be around 16-foot long, can you imagine that? Oh, and don’t forget to LIKE Tabitha‘s AND Artyfakes Action-Props pages on Facebook. [Source: Tabytha Lyons | Artyfakes […]

Fantastic “Thor: The Dark World” Cosplay Photoshoot Featuring L.A. JAZE Cosplay [Pics]


A fantastic “Thor: The Dark World”-themed cosplay photoshoot (by Surrealsister Photog) featuring the lovely couple from L.A. JAZE Cosplay and a few friends. Don’t you just love it when cosplayers actually become their characters instead of just posing as them? Previously on [GAS] by L.A. JAZE Cosplay: She-Ra and Skeletor Come to Life in these […]