The Creepy and Cool World of Shironuri Fashion [Picture Gallery + Video]

The term “shironuri” literally means “painted in white” and this eclectic Japanese street-fashion style is cropping up in Western subcultures. The defining feature of shironuri is the stark white face that women paint on themselves using traditional Geisha makeup. The fashion ranges from gothic lolita to mori girl (forest inspired) to outlandish garb you would […]

This TARDIS/Dalek Dress Hybrid Looks Beyond Amazing [Pictures]


Atlanta, Georgia-based cosplayer BewitchedRaven crafted this absolutely stunning TARDIS/Dalek dress hybrid, which features lights in both the headband and the skirt. If you like what BewitchedRaven is doing, be sure to like her on Facebook! Oh, and don’t forget to check out her photographer’s page as well: CONography (Convention & Specialty Photography). Edit: I stumbled […]